PSA: Facebook Post Warns About Robbers Allegedly Disguised As Utility Men

A warning about alleged robbers who were pretending to be utility men is making rounds online and here’s what we know about it, so far.

Just yesterday, a concerned netizen named Paolo Ortega posted a Facebook status that aims to alert everyone of this new robbery strategy. Paolo got the information from Philippine National Police – Region 1 after a reported case.

Here’s the full post:

Warning: Please take note. 3 or 4 guys may visit your home claiming they are from a water company to install shower caps to save water. Or they will claim they are from the Electricity company to change energy-saving electric bulbs for free as part of government lay down program. They have been spotted in so many areas. Please. DO NOT let them in. They are ROBBERS, robbing people at gun-point. Please alert all your contacts, as you may save lives. Make sure doors are locked at all times and PLEASE do not open doors to strangers. Please forward immediately to save lives & property!  

While this new modus operandi is yet to be confirmed on other provinces, it’s always better to be cautious.

Be safe and don’t let strangers inside your homes. Remember that the local government and utility companies will send a letter, post an announcement, or publicly release a statement if they have programs like this.

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