PSA: Alleged Illegal Pet Sellers In Q.C. Pretends To Give Out Dogs For Adoption

A few hours ago, photos of puppies who are allegedly up for adoption surfaced all over Facebook. The said dogs are located on a booth at the ground floor of Fairview Ayala Terraces, Quezon City under an organization named ‘BARK’. Accordingly, you may be able to bring these dogs home by simply paying a minimal adoption fee.

A lot of people reacted and shared the post. Most of them were even eager to adopt and give these furry babies new homes. Here are some of the photos:

However, people who visited the dogs reported that the so-called “adoption fee” ranges from P 2,000 – P 25,000 which alerted animal-oriented NGOs like the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Upon checking, they found out that this ‘dog adoption’ initiative was only a disguise for BARK’s pet-selling business.

Moreover, PAWS confirmed on a Facebook post that the Bureau of Animal Industry announced that ‘BARK’ does not have a permit to operate and sell dogs. The organization already contacted the management of the mall in order to prohibit the entity from its operation.

Here’s the full post:

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: PAWS has learned from the Bureau of Animal Industry that the entity “BARKS” which is currently selling puppies and dogs at the ground floor of Fairview Ayala Terraces, Quezon City has NO PERMIT to operate.
While the mall marketing manager assured us just a minute ago that they have asked the stall to pack up, a PAWS staff member at the venue has confirmed that selling is still ongoing and that the dogs are “selling like hot cakes”. Kindly inform family and friends not to buy if they are in Fairview Terraces right now.
PAWS is trying to get in touch with mall management again but the marketing manager is not picking up our calls.”

We also tried reaching out to BARK for their side, but they haven’t responded yet as of writing.

Be careful when dealing with people and entities who offer pets for sale and adoption. Or better yet, reach out and visit the Philippine Animal Welfare Society as they are taking care of hundreds of cats and dogs for re-homing.

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