Proposed Number Coding Scheme Change Will Remove Window Hours on EDSA and C5


It feels like traffic is getting worse and worse every day.

Just yesterday, I left home in Pasig City at 5:30 AM only to arrive in Makati City at 8:30 AM.

I got stuck on C5 due to “tumapon na graba sa daan” according to P.I.O. Public Information Office Pasig City on Facebook.

That’s just one of those unlucky days but still, traffic is really, really bad and the Department of Transportation is looking on other ways to solve it.

Apparently, the DOTr is looking on chaging the number coding scheme by removing window hours.

Recent developments show that the Metro Manila Council (MMC) and the newly-formed Inter-Agency Council for Traffic Management (I-ACT) will implement the proposed change on EDSA and C5.

If this pushes through, there will no longer be a window hour period on EDSA and C5. Therefore, when your car is coding on a certain day, you will no longer be allowed to drive on EDSA and C5 from 7AM to 7PM.

According to reports, implementing this will reduce cars on the road by 20%.

At present, private vehicles still enjoy the window hours from 10AM to 3PM even on these highways and in Metro Manila cities except Makati City. There is no window hours in Makati City.

Moreover, the current number coding scheme bans vehicles with plate numbers ending with 1 and 2 on Mondays, 3 and 4 on Tuesdays, 5 and 6 on Wednesdays, 7 and 8 on Thursdays, 9 and 0 on Fridays.

What do you think of this proposed change on the number coding scheme?