The Primary in UPTC: Experience A Prime Dine Time

The Primary in UPTC: Experience A Prime Dine Time

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UP Diliman may be home to a lot of great foodie stops that both UP and non-UP citizens get to enjoy, but its neighbor hangout place, UP Town Center, is becoming another destination for those who love to try out different and delicious food from the usual UP fare. People have been trooping to this place mostly because of its great quality offerings that cater to different kinds of foodies.

One night, we went on an exciting foodie quest to a restaurant located at the UPTC, called The Primary, and enjoyed a filling evening of good food and great company.

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Opening their store just last year, The Primary, which got its name from the establishment of UP Integrated School of kids in the primary level at the exact same place before, has a relaxed and breezy vibe. You have a choice to dine inside the cozy and warm restaurant or the alfresco setting outside. With Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine on their menu, the taste of each item is kind of familiar and homey, yet has a tinge of uniqueness and its own twist.

Speaking of their menu, here’s the parade of dishes we tried and tested:

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 Hot Scampi Shrimp with Artichokes (P295)


The Hot Scampi Shrimp with Artichokes is a dish with sautéed shrimps in garlic, artichokes and chili fingers in butter and wine sauce. The kick of spiciness was the perfect jumpstart to our feast, and the shrimps were just so yummy and juicy.

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Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna Salad  (P320)

Following the hot beginning was the refreshing Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna Salad with mixed greens, toasted cashew nuts and their special dressing. The nutty taste and the tuna, plus the veggies were so good together. It cleansed our palate and prepared us for the onslaught of mains to come.

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Shrimp Fra Diavol (P320)


Being a pasta fan, I super loved the Shrimp Fra Diavol, a spicy marinara and shrimp pasta dish. Its spiciness is not overwhelming; it actually doesn’t overpower the flavor of the seafood in it at all. It has a mix of tahong, squid and shrimps. Yum!

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Boneless Mediterranean Style Chicken with Tortilla Wraps (P420)

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Definitely one of our favourites! The Boneless Mediterranean Style Chicken with Tortilla Wraps, served with julienned tomatoes, scallions and hoisin and basil garlic aioli was a hit! Don’t hesitate to slather the tortilla with as much of the sauce as possible and put as many toppings as you want in it as one plate has more than enough for everyone!


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