Enjoy this Simple Juice Recipe which May Help Prevent Liver Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

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As the whole nation was shocked yesterday with the demise of veteran actor Mark Gil, I’m sure that a lot of us right now have become curious and somewhat paranoid about Liver Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer. But instead of making you more worried and afraid by writing about this fatal disease, I’ve decided to share with you a healthy “Good for the Liver”  juice recipe which I learned during my detox retreat assisted by a doctor and nurse at Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay last summer. This juice has no therapeutic claims but definitely safe to drink by anyone especially if you use all organic ingredients. Prevention is of course way better than cure and personally, I really prefer my food to serve as my “medicine” instead of those we buy in drug stores.


This is what they call their “LIVER JUICE” (lemon + apple + carrot + kale)

These simple ingredients are known to help you maintain a youthful glow with its anti-aging properties from nature’s best antioxidants as well as help your liver flush out harmful toxins.



–  1/2 sliced Lemon 

      (Good source of citric acid, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Liquefies the bile and control excess bile flow. Liver cleansing)

– Apple  50 gms

      ( has malic acid, major component of apple that is found to maintain the liver in a healthy condition.Has photochemical that reduces the problem for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and Asthma. Contains pectin to lowers cholesterol)

–   Carrot 50 gms

       (It has betacarotene an antioxidant that eliminates destructive free radicals that attack healthy cells)

– Kale (2 to 3 leaves)

Good source of calcium, protein, iron,Vitamin A,Vitamin D,vitamin C,Vitamin K, Cleanses the liver. Has Antioxidants and Anticancer properties)




Just mix the lemon. Apple, carrot, kale, 1 to 2 tbsp of honey/brown sugar, ½ glass of water and 3 to 4 pcs of ice cubes. Then blend it all together for 2 minutes.


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Enjoy this Simple Juice Recipe which May Help Prevent Liver Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer