Preserve Your Memories With These Beautiful Arrangements

Remember the days when we keep flowers in between the pages of our favorite book? Days after, we find beautifully brown preserved flowers that remind us of different memories.

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Fast forward 2020, we see beautifully preserved flowers on Instagram. A great addition to our workspace or to brighten up any dull room.

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Ang Alaala, an online preserved flower shop is by 27-year-old Dannah Mikhaela Galindez who started the business while she was finishing the last semester of Law School.

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What started out as a passion project, received so much love and support that she continued creating the beautiful pieces.

Dannah shares that she created the business because she wanted to help people to create memories, hence the name. She also shared that she wants her products to be remembered fondly.

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Ang Alaala pieces are from local suppliers who source the materials from different countries while vases are locally sourced to find one of a kind pieces.

All the arrangements depend on what they have on hand.

They mix and match what they have and are inspired by different arrangements that Dannah sees online.

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Ang Alaala is something that you can totally use to spruce up the decors at home but more than that, it can also be something that will remind you of great memories.

Ang Alaala