Pre-Selling Condos Across Grand Hyatt Hotel and Isetan Mitsukoshi Mall in Taguig

Japan is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Filipinos, but we no longer have to go that far to enjoy Japan’s leading retail outlets as Isetan Mitsukoshi, one of Japan’s leading retail companies, is opening a 3-story mall in Fort Bonifacio in 2023.

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It will be located inside Federal Land’s Grand Central Park development in Bonifacio Global City. Given how bad Manila traffic is, it is good to know that you can just be an elevator ride away to the mall since they are pre-selling condominiums on top of the mall.

The Seasons Residences

Season Residences

Thanks to Federal Land’s joint venture with Nomura Real Estate development, one of Japan’s leading real estate developers, four towers of residential condominiums will be built on top of the mall called The Season Residences.

Seasons Residences


Since it’s Japanese inspired, the development is also up to par with Japanese standards for earthquakes. They are installing dampers that will give the building more resilience – not only to earthquakes, but also to winds since we are oftentimes hit by strong typhoons. Buildings without dampers are already compliant with the building code, but these dampers will be comforting to have in a building your family is staying in.

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More features, such as a kitchen floor storage and a sunken slab that allows you to fix any issues with your pipes without asking for access at your neighbor’s apartment, makes living here very convenient.

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Currently still in its pre-selling stage, The Seasons Residences is offering 0% interest schemes as long as 54 months with as much as 70% of the payments only due at the end of the payment term.

World renowned companies are leading the charge, such as Nikken Group, Torafu Architects + Asao Tokolo, Nomura Co. Ltd. This promises to be a unique Philippine development.

Below the apartment and across the street are the 5 star Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Big Apple Mall.

Grand Hyatt Residences South Tower

Grand Hyatt Residences is another option if you’re looking at this area. It is located just a block away from the Isetan Mitsukoshi Mall and is just across the 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel.


The second tower called the South Tower will only house 188 units in the entire building. It’s one of the lowest density developments in the area.

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Located just across the 5-Star Grand Hyatt Hotel, one of only two 5-star hotels located in the area, the second building is offering fewer units to offer more exclusive living to future residents.

Location Map

Their smallest unit is a 2BR unit (120 sqm – 145 sqm). 3 BR units are 204 sqm, while 4BR units starting at 328 sqm are available in the market.

Model units of both Grand Hyatt Residences and The Seasons Residences are available for viewing even on weekends. You may email us at properties.wheninmanila@gmail.com to schedule a viewing at your convenient time.