Posh Paws: Locally-Made Luxury Pet Beds for Interior-Conscious Fur Parents

Did you know that different fur babies prefer different sleeping positions? This is something that fur parent Roxanne Silverio has observed after spending a substantial amount of time with her fur babies during the lockdown. She also learned that pets, in general, spend most of their time sleeping; and as a loving and caring fur mom, she decided to look for the right pet bed that would cater to their needs.

Unfortunately, it was not that easy. She had to buy one after another because all of them eventually sank to the ground and smelled unpleasant even after washing. Not to mention that they just don’t pair well with her home’s interior design! This led her to create her own brand: Posh Paws.


Photo: Posh Paws


Posh Paws is a start-up company specializing in stylish and luxurious pet beds. Unlike the usual pet beds available in the market, they are little pieces of furniture that complement the home interiors of every pet parent! Plus, they are odor, moisture, and stain-repellent that can easily be zippered off for your cleaning convenience.


Photo: Posh Paws

All Posh Paws pet beds are handcrafted from high-quality materials and designed to cater to different pet sizes, sleeping positions, and unique needs. That’s right–they also have luxury pet beds for large dogs which we all know are super hard to find!

Specially made for our furry best friends’ total comfort, each of them is upholstered with skin-friendly and soft velvet fabric that will effortlessly invite them to cozy up in it. They also allow them to sleep without being disturbed by vibrations on the floor because these pet beds all have legs!


Photo: Posh Paws


Roxanne made it her mission to provide her pets with the ideal beds for them, and you should too! Posh Paws understands that your pets’ well-being and happiness must be top of your list of things to consider when buying a pet bed. It is definitely one way to give our fur babies the best that they deserve!

Although as pet parents, we also need to keep our homes looking and smelling good. Just like choosing furniture for your home, investing in these luxury pet beds is the smarter choice. With their stable and durable structure, these stylish pieces are built for longevity.

In a nutshell, accommodating your and your fur babies’ needs are what Posh Paws pet beds offer! To elaborate further, here’s a sneak peek of some of their proudly-Pinoy products:

The “Daisy” Luxury Pet Bed


Photo: Posh Paws

Inspired by her white chihuahua Daisy (who finds comfort in resting her head on armrests or ledges), the Daisy Luxury Pet Bed has extra cushioned arms for them to lean on!

The “Lulu” Luxury Pet Bed


Photo: Posh Paws

Inspired by her brown chihuahua Lulu (who loves to curl up like a donut with her nose touching her tail), the Lulu Luxury Pet Bed gives curlers a sense of security with its round shape.

The “Bailey” Luxury Pet Bed


Photo: Posh Paws

Inspired by her half-Shih Tzu, half-Chihuahua senior dog Bailey (who usually sleeps on her side or with her belly up), the Bailey Luxury Pet Bed gives stretchers the space that they need!

Luxury Pet Beds for Large Dogs

Hachiko Luxury Pet Bed


Photo: Posh Paws

Inspired by the famous and loyal Hachiko (an Akita, the largest of all Japanese breeds), the Hachiko Luxury Pet Bed has a dense cushion that can hold the weight of large breeds!

Clyde Luxury Pet Bed


Photo: Posh Paws

For large dog breeds who also need their headrests, the Clyde Luxury Pet Bed also provides adequate support for their weight and doesn’t sink over time!

With Posh Paws, your four-legged family members can also feel at home in your home! To see more designs, sizes, and colors available and order one now, visit their website at www.poshpaws.ph! You may also follow them on Facebook (@poshpaws2022) and Instagram (@posh_pawsph) for updates.

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