Popless Lenses: Learn How to Make Your Phone Photos Pop

Popless Lenses: Learn How to Make Your Phone Photos Pop


If you want to take your phone photography skills to the next level, then you should get your own set of Popless lenses!

Popless Lenses

Packaging by Popless


Popless was launched last July, 2014 by Arnel Siazon. Arnel works in an advertising company and being in that industry made him love good design and technology. He wants to feel proud whenever someone uses his product. He describes Popless lenses as “an art translated to a functional tangible thing.” Pretty cool, huh?

From the packaging to the product itself, you’ll know for a fact that Arnel really made an effort to make Popless lenses useful and stand out.


What are Popless Lenses?

Popless Lenses

Popless Lenses


Popless (which means “less popular”) is a brand that carries camera phone lenses that you can attach to your phone and use wherever you go! And yes, you can attach this to any camera phone. The lenses are interchangeable and it will only take you less than a minute to change from one lens to another.

At the moment, Arnel is open to other “hype-worthy” stuff and will add more unique products to his brand.


Popless Lenses

 Mini pouch, clip and lenses


The 3 Popless lenses


There are 3 types of Popless lenses to date: fisheye, wide angle and macro. I tried all of them and, true enough, they work perfectly! They gave more life to my shots.


How to Use Popless Lenses

Popless Lenses

 Just attach, then shoot!


It is very easy to use. Simply clip the lens of our choice onto your phone and adjust it a bit, and you’re ready to shoot amazing photos! I know a lot of you are wondering if the clip will damage your phone and the answer is NO; it actually comes with a rubber. It is also nice to know that you can use it for the rear OR front camera. So, selfie addicts, here’s another tool that can spice up your photos!



Popless Lenses

Using the Fisheye Lens

The Fisheye Lens will give your photos a bulge effect. It will also add a black vignette on the sides giving the images a frame.

Popless Lenses

 Using the Wide Angle Lens

The Wide Lens will capture more details in your shots. It will distort the background a little, too, giving you unique images.


Still using the Wide Angle Lens


A blurred effect using the Macro Lens

With the Macro Lens, you have to get really close to your subject. It will show more details of the object in focus and blur out the background.

Popless Lenses

Another shot with the Macro Lens


All in all, I love how easy it is to use these lenses and it made shooting images more fun! And at Php400, you can get 3 amazing lenses, which will surely give your photos a different “feel” with every shot. You can also choose from 4 colors: silver, pink, blue or black.

So, be sure to grab this cool set of lenses and take shots of “hype-worthy” images! They’d make for great gifts for your photo-addicted friends this Christmas, too! If it’s phone cases, you’re after, check out Cases Unlimited or Loud Basstard!

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Popless Lenses



Popless Lenses: Learn How to Make Your Phone Photos Pop


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