Popeyes is Back in the Philippines with a Vengeance!

The long wait is over folks! Popeyes is back on our shores, and stronger than ever! They officially opened today, but they have been making a buzz on social media since their page teased about making a comeback.

I personally looked forward to having the fast food chain in our country after I went to their Singapore branch. I vividly remember hoping that they could take their mashed potatoes and fried chicken here, so I wouldn’t have to travel so far just to taste their signature fish.

Now, two years after that fateful visit, they are officially back in the Philippines, unveiling its new global restaurant image through their Popeyes ArcoVia City Pasig restaurant – the first in the world. They definitely came back with a bang!

Since their first branch here in the Philippines is historic, let me gush about how cool and hip their restaurant is. It stands out in ArcoVia’s booming compound, giving the area some hippie vibes. I love how their first branch has a huge space and bright ambiance. The structure itself is a must-visit for hardcore Instagrammers.

Now, let’s start talking about the menu. Here’s a Popeyes guide on what you can and should order when you try them out:

Popeyes Spaghetti (Php66 with drink / Php125 with chicken meal)

Filipinos sure love spaghetti, especially if it is sweet, saucy and meaty. Well, Popeyes does not fail in that department as they check everything off of the Filipino Spaghetti checklist! I love how their spag is packed with ground beef and hotdogs. Topped with cheese, they’re giving other fast food chains a run for their money.

Popeyes Fried Chicken with Rice (Php92 per meal)

I love how they have the rice option in their menu instead of their usual biscuit + fried chicken or mashed potato + fried chicken combo.

The Popeyes Fried Chicken has their signature cajun-inspired flavor matched with its juicy and tender meat. This might just become a new favorite for Pinoy chicken lovers.

Chicken French Quarter (Php165 per meal)

Now, here’s a personal favorite: the Popeyes Chicken French Quarter is their version of a burger. Think of it this way: your favorite chicken fillet burger upgraded 100 times. I love how the chicken fillet is so huge. I actually wasn’t able to finish the whole thing in one go. The garlic sauce, tomatoes, and lettuce make the whole burger practically perfect. Other burgers are also available, including fish and shrimp burgers.

Chicken Tenders (prices start at Php120 per meal)

Who needs chicken nuggets if you can get a huge size of chicken tenders in one meal? Their chicken breast is breaded with Popeyes’ signature flavor and fried to perfection! Just dip it in their Barbecue, Ranch, or Mardi Gras dip, and your cravings will be solved!

You can pair this with rice, biscuits, fries, or spaghetti.

Cajun Fries (price starts at Php42)

Another favorite is their Cajun Fries. Well, this is basically self-explanatory. I mean, who doesn’t love good fries? What makes this extra special, however, is how it is cut thinly and fried without being too greasy. A must-try for Popeyes first timers!

Popeyes Biscuits (prices start at Php45)

Popeyes’ best seller biscuits are finally here in the country, too! When you hear the name of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, the first thing that will probably come to mind is their biscuits. Well, they offer three different flavors: honey, white chocolate, and hazelnut. You can also opt to get all three flavors at only Php150 per box.

Trying out Popeyes in our country was such a surreal experience. From hoping for them to come to them now finally being here to be more accessible to fans in the country. Now that Popeyes is back, we’re hoping they are now here to stay. I honestly can’t wait for their other branches to open soon!


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