Poorly-Secured Dog at the Back of a Pick-Up Truck Infuriates Netizen

A photo of a dog tied at the back of a pick-up truck is circulating around social media. The image was taken by a CARA volunteer on July 25.


According to Eric Suguitan:

How can some people be so heartlessly moronic?

A CARA volunteer spotted this today (July 25) before 8:00AM on SLEX, southbound. Just one screeching halt or a sudden lane-change could make this poorly-secured dog fly into the air into certain death. A car crash is also a near-certainty when other cars try to avoid hitting the dog at speeds of around 100kph. One could only imagine the horrors of the ensuing human and vehicular casualties. The proper way of transporting a dog is either inside the cab with the driver or in a dog carrier that is well-secured in the back, NOT leashed like this on TOP of the COVER of a pick-up’s bed.

And why was this allowed to go through at the toll gate? The driver should be jailed under RA 8485, the Animal Welfare Act!

Concerned netizens were enraged by the sight of the poor dog, as well.

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Should the driver of the pick-up truck and possibly the owner of the dog be punished? What do you think?


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