‘PLEASE SAVE MY CATS,’ Heartbroken Lolo Begs After Beloved Cats Were Taken Away

If I have a choice, at kaya ko, kahit tumira ako sa barong-barong kasama ‘tong mga pusa ko.
If I have a choice, and if I am able, I will live in a shanty just so I can be with my cats.

Lolo Rex Jokico is a 64-year old bachelor living with a sick older brother. His only children are his 18 cats, who he loves more than anything. They live in an apartment that relatives are letting them use for free.

Some time ago, however, Lolo Rex suddenly found himself in an impossible situation. His landlord told him the cats had to go. If Lolo Rex decides to make a fuss, he and his brother will have to look for another place to stay. But where can they go? They have no money to pay for rent.

“If I can’t get rid of my cats, my landlord will get rid of me. I had no choice but to let go,” Lolo Rex said, teary-eyed and heartbroken.

But he can appeal for help… and he is begging us to save his cats from being put to sleep at the Caloocan City Pound. The animal welfare group, Cats of Manila, was able to capture his last night with his cats… It was heartbreaking. You can see the anguish and desperation on Lolo Rex face.

You can also see a love so deep it will break your heart.


I’m appealing to anyone out there. Please help my cats. I want them to live. They have as much right to live as we all do. In the great scheme of things, they have an important role for humanity.

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The day following this video, the city pound personnel came and took Lolo Rex’s children away from him. That was last January 23. The cats have five days before they will be euthanized.

Lolo Rex with Simba, his beloved cat

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Cats of Manila was able to get 9 cats adopted but that leaves 9 still on death row. To save them, you must go to the Caloocan City Pound and pull out the cats for adoption. A Google search showed that the exact location is along San Vicente Ferrer St. in Camarin, Caloocan, near North Caloocan Elementary School. You can use this landmark for getting driving or commuting directions. My search also came up with this hotline number for the Caloocan City Pound, +632 391 8125–but the news article I got it from is a few years old so let’s just hope it is still active.

Please SHARE Lolo Rex’s story to your networks, please. If you know anyone who’d be willing to open their hearts to a new family member, show them this story.

Please also remind your friends and family to ADOPT, DON’T SHOP and spay or neuter their pets. Do not let them roam the streets or they might get picked up by the city pound. If you surrender your pets to the pound, be aware that you are putting a death sentence on your pets. Let us become part of the solution and not add to the problem of millions of homeless pets in the world because of overbreeding, abandonment, and irresponsibility.

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UPDATE as of 26 January 2018 – For questions and inquiries, contact Jecca Bloom https://www.facebook.com/blooomblooomblooom of Cats of Manila.


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