These 8 Inspiring Pet Rescues in Metro Manila Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

With all the stories I hear about poor dogs and cats in distress–homeless or victims of cruelty, sometimes I weary of my fellow humans. Are we a hopeless case, after all? But these spells do not last long because I would then hear about stories of brave rescues by passionate and compassionate citizens with little to no funds who only had their conscience and one or two fellow animal-welfare advocates to back them up. And they still took action–instead of turning a blind eye or passing the buck as most citizens, unfortunately, have a habit of doing (even those who profess to be animal lovers).

To inspire you (I hope), let me introduce you to some amazing people, the volunteers of Reach Out to Animals’ Rights, Inc. (ROAR). No, I’m not going to write about another animal needing help (although I hope you will become so inspired later that you will also check out those stories–and maybe help a little or adopt one or two furry friends). I’ll focus on the happy stuff this time.

ROAR started out as just a few individuals who loved cats and dogs. They supported different animal welfare groups by donating and volunteering. There came a point, though, where they wanted to do more–and they chose to satisfy this yearning by rescuing distressed animals themselves. To find them, they only had to go online where hundreds of distress calls are posted daily.

ROAR, animal rescue volunteers on a visit to an animal shelter in Calamba Laguna

Volunteers brought food and vitamins to an animal shelter in Calamba, Laguna.

There were cases of ‘unwanted’ kitties dumped like trash on vacant lots, dogs with transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) aka cancer, victims of abuse and negligence, victims of vehicular accidents, and so on. ROAR encountered them all and responded to as many as possible.

According to senior volunteer Jhet Man, they make sure their intervention is from start to finish, not just rescue. They have the animals treated, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and rehomed. “We screen potential adopters meticulously to ensure that our rescues live the life that they deserve.”

They also help provide pet care assistance to indigent citizens.

We want to help and give these souls a second chance in life. They too, have feelings. They, too, deserve a beautiful life, to be treated fairly, to be cared for, and to experience the same unconditional love that they give us.

In the three years since Jhet and friends have formed ROAR, they have done countless rescues. Here are the notable ones.

8 Inspiring Pet Rescue Stories

July, rescued dog - ROAR - Philippines

8. July

Hit-and-run. The kids who witnessed what happened told the reporter that someone also hit July with a wood plank.  Her pelvis was broken and the rescuers thought she would never walk again. She required constant assistance so she can stand and walk. “She had trust issues when we rescued her; she would not let us touch or help her,” says Jhet. July was given physical therapy including swimming therapy to strengthen her bones. ROAR is taking care of her at the moment since she’s already a senior dog requiring regular care.

Coby, rescued dog - ROAR - Philippines

7. Coby

A case of neglect. Rescuers noticed him in an abandoned house, with no food or water. When they asked around, they found out that his owner visited him only twice a month. They talked with the owner, negotiating for Coby’s release into their care–but it had a price. “The owner sold him to us,” exclaimed Jhet. After bringing him to a vet, they discovered he was anemic and malnourished. His fur was severely matted that it had to be shaved. Good news is that that he has found his forever home, where he is spoiled and loved dearly.

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Lala, rescued cat - ROAR - Philippines

6. Lala

One of the many cases where a kitten is dumped. Rescuers found her on a vacant lot along with her two siblings. Two were adopted but sadly one kitten died. “One of our admins adopted Lala and now she’s turning four years old and dominating the household,” shares Jhet.

Jose, rescued dog - ROAR - Philippines

5. Jose

Another hit-and-run victim. A senior dog, Jose was spotted beside a road barely able to stand. It was later discovered that his hind leg got dislocated by the impact. His right ear was also injured, making him a little deaf. He was on a cast for a month. After receiving therapy, he is now back on his feet!

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Xian, rescued dog - ROAR - Philippines

4. Xian

Xian’s owners cared little about him. He even went missing for weeks. When he got back home, he was so skinny. He was malnourished and anemic and he developed severe mange, losing all his fur. Rescuers took him to the vet for treatment and castration. He is now in his second home, where he is much loved.

Tisay, rescued dog - ROAR - Philippines

3. Tisay

A couple who found her wandering in Antipolo sought the help of ROAR. Tisay had TVT, which could have been caused by over breeding. She was spayed and received chemotherapy. She is now cancer-free. The couple who found her welcomed Tisay into their home.

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Punchy, rescued dog - ROAR - Philippines

2. Punchy

Rescuers found Punchy as a puppy wandering the streets of Marikina. He looked like a dirty rag, with bald spots and badly matted fur. When his fur was shaved, he turned out to be a beautiful boy! He was anemic and had sarcoptic mange, however. After treatment, he turned out to be a schnauzer mix-breed. He is now adopted and loved by his new family.

Cedar, , rescued dog - ROAR - Philippines

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1. Cedar

Rescued from Cavite, Cedar had severe mange and skin problems. His skin was crusted and he was so skinny. At first, he was aggressive and would growl at anyone who would come near him. After treatment, he learned to love and trust people again. He is now a sweet and clingy dog who always wants to play.

What incredible and inspiring stories! Hats off to the volunteers of ROAR who are definitely some of the fiercest and most loyal warriors for animal welfare we have in the Philippines! I am so happy that these pups and kitties got their second chance at happiness.

If you want more stories like this, especially if you wish to actively participate in making these happy stories, follow ROAR on Facebook.  You may also support their cause now by donating some amount to their Paypal ( or BPI Savings Account (Regie Manio, account number 8069 1092 93).

Were you inspired? Do you know of other successful pet stories? Message us or leave a comment below!


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