LOOK: This Scared, Mangy Pup Undergoes Remarkable Transformation into a Furry Heartthrob

I’m always amazed at the incredible transformation that rescued pets go through with just a little bit of tender loving care. I feel that these stories can’t get featured enough to help encourage people to adopt instead of shop.

I hope that Walker’s story will not just encourage you but also give you a warm, fuzzy feeling to last you the entire day.


About three years ago, Francesca Ortigas found a scared, mangy mutt walking on a busy highway near the Malacañan Palace in Manila. He had no fur and was suffering from an itchy skin condition that left open sores and scabs all over his body.


Unlike most people who will just turn a blind eye, Francesca set out to rescue this dog. With the help of two compassionate bystanders, she was able to bring him to a vet clinic for treatment.

He spent three months at the vet clinic as Francesca didn’t know where to put him at first. For his mange, he received weekly medicated baths.


Even after Francesca took him home, he had to continue medicated baths weekly. It took a while for his fur to fully grow out.


But with more TLC, it did grow back. And, oh my, how it grew. The scared, mangy mutt is now ‘Smiley Guy Walker.’ There is no trace of fear in him, only trust and confidence from being in a loving home.


Little did we know that little dog would turn out to have such a big personality and bring so much joy into our home. Happy Gotcha Day, Walker!

When you can’t wait for breakfast to be served.

Walker now has sweet adventures with his best buddies, Rocco the Frenchie, Dawson, MacGyver, Micah and their cat posse. Except for Rocco, all his buddies were rescued from the streets of Manila.

If you’re looking to add a furbaby to your family, I suggest you adopt a rescued pet over shopping for one. I know that there are misconceptions about adopting an adult or a rescued dog, but as you can see, rescued pups are just as loving and lovely as any dog.

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 What a heartwarming story! Do you have one to share? Leave a comment below!

Photo credit: Francesca Ortigas


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