Helpful tips for students to write perfect college essays

Most colleges ask for a college essay from prospective students before admission. A college essay is an opportunity to tell a selection committee about aspirations and experiences that make you unique. However, writing the perfect college essay is an exercise that requires planning, deep thinking, and an eye for detail. So, what does it take to write the perfect college essay? In this post, we’ll give helpful writing tips for students to help them write college essays that stand out.

What makes a perfect college essay?

A perfect college essay grabs the reader’s attention and stays within the required word limit. It also observes academic standards relating to grammar, syntax, spelling, and tone. It answers the prompt directly using engaging narratives or arguments to support the ideas. More so, it tells the reader who you are by speaking to your personality, aspirations, and potential contributions you’ll make to the campus community.

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10 helpful tips for writing the perfect college essay

1.    Choose the most relatable prompt

Nearly all colleges give students a list of prompts to help them compose college essays that tell unique stories. You can write about a person, experience, or a book—anything that makes you stand out or has influenced your life. Writing about such relatable things will unleash your personality and passion.

2.    Hook the reader from the start

You should hook your reader from the start by using an outstanding hook that grips the reader’s imagination. A bold statement, thought-provoking quote, or a question could serve the purpose. Follow your bold beginning with a firm thesis statement that outlines the main idea. These techniques will keep the reader wanting to learn more and display a clear purpose for your paper.

3.    Use online resources

Don’t do the whole writing process on your own, get assistance from online essay writing resources or check guidelines on admission essays from credible websites. They’ll give you an upper hand in the application process by supporting you in submitting a quality paper.

4.    Be authentic

A college essay is an opportunity to display your genuine personality and experiences. There is no need to make up any fake experiences or blow any details out of proportion to please admissions officers. Such writing will only bring incoherence to the text and make your paper boring. Be honest, open, and real in telling your story.

5.    Show, don’t tell

An outstanding college essay is not an enumeration of facts, as in a dead resume with achievements or activities; it should give personal anecdotes, experiences, and problems that illustrate who you are and what you believe in. Stories that tell of your emotional journey stick in the mind of an admission officer.

6.    Stay organized and structured

Maintain a clear structure in your essay to help the reader follow your ideas. Your essay should follow the conventional format: an engaging introduction, a body with orderly paragraphs in which you expound your ideas, and a conclusion that leaves a mark.

7.    End with a “kicker”

A kicker is a punchline or a paragraph that brings everything together. A good kicker at the end leaves your readers with a good final impression. It will also leave the readers impressed at how well you have developed your paper. Elaborate on what a future employer should expect from the information you have shared with them. You can also do a brief self-reflection or give an anecdote to emphasize your kicker.

8.    Start writing early

Give yourself plenty of time to brainstorm, write, and edit your college essay. You’ll be able to produce multiple drafts, develop your ideas, work on paper flow and tone, and squash errors.

9.    Seek feedback and revision

You may refer to any mentor, teacher, or peer for comments. In fact, you should share the essay with them for their critique to get new perspectives and insights that will strengthen the paper. Be open to criticism and revise wherever required.

10.   Proofread and edit

Proofread the paper many times to eliminate spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and improve the flow. Let your teacher, counselor, or tutor read through and give you their feedback. The final piece should be completely free from errors.

Writing the perfect college essay requires good writing skills, creativity, and self-reflection

Writing the perfect college essay isn’t a guarantee that one will get admitted to college, but it can tip the balance in your favor when admission officers consider a candidate with similar qualifications as you. This is where our tips come in to help students navigate through the process of writing college essays with skill and confidence, and vividly portray individual perspectives, stories, and aspirations.