“Please help me save my mommy and my unborn baby.” Writer Seeks Help to Raise Funds for Mom’s Cancer Surgery

I am currently on the verge of vomiting blood due to hyperemesis gravidarum (severe vomiting during pregnancy), as I try to type this article to explain my situation. I am hoping that some kind readers of this lovely community can help me out. I am open to loans, too, just to save my mother’s life.

Writer Seeks Help to Raise Funds for Mom's Cancer Surgery Helen Mommy Baby

On ordinary days where I am not on strict bed rest orders to protect my baby from miscarriage, I am used to working 3 to 6 jobs simultaneously just to provide financial support. All those years that I’ve been working so hard helped me in providing financial support for my siblings as they study and also for my parents’ needs. I love them, just as any daughter loves her parents no matter what happens. I just did not expect that my mother will have the worst possible health issue that can take away her life at a time where I cannot even get out of bed, much less do full time work.

My mom has cancer. Endometrial and cervical. She has an aggressive basketball-sized malignant mass in her uterus that needs to be taken out, ASAP, under an operation recommended by Dr. Jean Toral, OB Gyne and oncologist at the National Kidney Institute. If that mass is not taken out, the cancer cells will aggressively take her life. We need at least Php 300,000 the soonest so my mother can undergo this surgery that can save her life.

“My only wish right now is for my mom to live long enough
to see my first baby.”

My only wish right now is for my mom to live long enough to see my first baby, her first grandchild, whose life is also threatened right now at 4.5 months because of labor contractions and the stress I am currently going through. Two important lives in my life hang in the balance. Every day is crucial and we are running out of time.

Please help me save my mommy and my unborn baby. We’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign here: https://gogetfunding.com/bedridden-pregnant-woman-with-bipolar-disorder-and-hyperemesis-gravidarum-needs-financial-assistance-for-moms-advanced-endometrial-and-cervical-cancer-therapy/

Aside from our fund raising page, I also have a BPI and BDO account, and you can text me at my number 09176298777 to get the details. I am begging all of you to please help us. I may not necessarily deserve to be helped, but I am totally out of options right now and putting out my current situation is the least I can do. Even five pesos is enough to make a difference if there are many of you coming out to pitch in and help us save her.

I am losing hope bit by bit. This situation is difficult, but I choose to believe there are good people out there who can help me. Thank you so much, dear reader of When in Manila.


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