PLDT Partners with Samsung and Microsoft Philippines to Help Small and Medium Businesses

PLDT Partners with Samsung and Microsoft Philippines to Help Small and Medium Businesses (3)


These days, people no longer want to work boring desk jobs. Millennials have abandoned the idea of working in an office, choosing to pursue their passions instead. Now we have writers, models, actors, painters, directors, and graphic artists. Those who are business-minded have decided to open their own businesses.

Starting a business is a good idea because it means being your own boss and making your own decisions. You control everything, from the products to the marketing and the people you work with. Most importantly, you get to choose your own schedule, thus catching that very rare Pokemon they call “work/life balance.” And when your business is a success, you get the lion’s share of the profit.

Starting a business is a good idea, but it’s not always easy. There is of course, the challenge of finding a “big idea.” Everything is available in the market so it’s important to figure out what product or service to sell. Once you figure out what to specialize in, you need the capital to fund it. These are the usual challenges an aspiring entrepreneur faces, but there’s a new challenge: how to take advantage of being connected on social media.


PLDT Partners with Samsung and Microsoft Philippines to Help Small and Medium Businesses (2)


The Philippines’ fast-growing digital, social and mobile users definitely creates unprecedented opportunities for the 800,000 strong small and medium enterprise (SME) market segment. The challenge today is how SMEs can efficiently tap and engage this community. Today, there are over 34 million Facebook users, over 10 million Twitter followers, and over 44 million Filipino internet users and counting. An idea, no matter how good, will not be successful if it isn’t marketed properly.

PLDT SME Nation addressed this need by partnering with Samsung and Microsoft Philippines to create innovative business solutions to help entrepreneurs run their business better, grow faster, be more globally competitive, and engage with the country’s digital, social, and mobile population.

SMEs can have access to game-changing business tools like the latest gadgets, devices, and relevant collaboration cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and PLDT Cloud. These apps are helpful for video monitoring, asset tracking, POS, and infrastructure, which are some of the biggest components in a business.


PLDT Partners with Samsung and Microsoft Philippines to Help Small and Medium Businesses (1)


With these on hand, SMEs will result in higher levels of operational efficiencies, expanded market reach, and higher profit margin levels.

This partnership was launched at an event called “Growing your Business in the Digital Age,” creating a benchmark in managing a startup in the era of the digital superhighway. The event was attended by PLDT Executive Vice President and ePLDT President and CEO Eric Alberto, PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Business Kat Luna-Abelarde, Samsung Philippines Managing Director Harry Lee, Samsung Philippines Business Manager James Kwon, Samsung Philippines Enterprise Director Irene Catane, Microsoft Philippines Director for Small, Midsize Solutions Partners Diana Tibbs, and Microsoft Philippines Business Group Lead Tovia Va’aelua.

The key executives were joined by bloggers from Manila and Cebu to test the technology’s capabilities through virtual participation in the press conference.

Technology has made our lives easier. From our personal to our professional lives, the power of tech has helped us become more efficient, productive, and creative. This power should be harnessed by ambitious people looking to be their own boss. With technology by their fingertips, the only challenge is to find the big idea.


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