Pizza Freaks – Taste Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas


Pizza – who doesn’t like pizza? I worked in the middle of the Ortigas Business District for quite a while and we always had fast food and were always searching for something new. That’s why our discovery of Pizza Freaks was an answered prayer.


Authentic Neapolitan pizzas at Pizza Freaks


Located at Pearl Plaza, Pizza Freaks is an addition to all of the cool restaurants along Pearl Drive and Amethyst. Although open for more than just a month, Pizza Freaks has already gained loyal customers who visit them for good food at reasonable prices.

An order of pizza is good for sharing and is hearty enough, so that you will end up full after just a few slices. We tried the Smoked Hickory Bacon Pizza and while it’s a little spicy, it is definitely one of the best choices on the menu.


Authentic Neapolitan pizzas at Pizza Freaks


Unlike other kinds of pizza, Pizza Freaks serves Neapolitan pizzas made with just flour, salt, water and yeast. Their flour is imported from Italy and is low in gluten. 

Low-gluten food is known to decrease cholesterol levels and improve digestion because it spares the body of unhealthy oils. Though most processed food in the market has gluten, it is always nice to find a healthier alternative to our favorite greasy pizza.


Authentic Neapolitan pizzas at Pizza Freaks


Because I have always devoured greasy pizza,s this was something new to the eyes and palate. The crust is thick, the center is crispy and the flavors are divine. There are over 60 pizza flavors on their menu, too. And if you think hot sauce is a perfect condiment, they have a variety of spicy pizza and even one that has lots of bacon!

If you are tired of the typical pepperoni, hawaiian or ham and cheese pizzas, there are many flavors at Pizza Freaks that will surely satisfy your craving, whether after a long day of work or while watching a movie at home. 



Pizza Freaks


8101 Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Store Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm

Tel. No. (02) 477 7649


Twitter: @pizzafreaksdeli