Piolo and Toni are Back in “Last Night” and You Can Watch the Trailer Here!

Three years after Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga made us feel kilig in Starting Over Again, the two are back together in Last Night, Bb. Joyce Bernal’s latest film.

Watch the trailer of Last Night below:

Piolo and Toni star as Mark and Carmina, who meet at an LRT station after saving a man who passes out. The two then meet again at a hotel, realizing that their rooms are next to each other. The two form a romance despite Mark being married and Carmina being in a relationship. The trailer is three minutes long but it’s mysterious and doesn’t reveal much.

Because of the lack of details, netizens have speculated on the plot, with some saying that their partners are sick or has already died, that they met at the wrong time, or that one of the characters has a mental illness.

The story was written by actress Bela Padilla, who also wrote Luck at First Sight and co-wrote 10,000 Hours.

Last Night will premiere on September 27.

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