#PinoyHogwarts: If Harry Potter Was Set in the Philippines in the 90s

If you love Harry Potter as much as we do, you may (or may not) have imagined the cast to be Filipino. I guess the closest thing we had was that really old rumor that Heart Evangelista might play Cho Chang, which turned out not to happen. Coming from that rumor, though, we let our imagination run wild and If Harry Potter was set in the Philippines, here are our #PinoyHogwarts picks!

Heart Evangelista as Cho Chang

Carlo Aquino as Harry Potter

Stefano Mori as Ron Weasley

Camille Prats as Hermi0ne Granger

Penn Medina as Albus Dumbledore

Gloria Romero as Minerva McGonagall

Patrick Garcia as Draco Malfoy


Argus Filch

Celia Rodriguez as Dolores Umbridge

Aga Muhlach as Gilderoy Lockhart

Anne Curtis as Fleur Delacour

Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez as Lily and James Potter

Tirso Cruz III as Lucius Malfoy

Jolina Magdangal as Luna Lovegood

Do you have any suggestions of any Filipino Actors if Harry Potter was set in the Philippines? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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