Pinoy vendor returned P130,000 to Chinese national at Kalibo airport

LJ Alejandro, a 14-year-old water vendor at Kalibo International Airport is commendable when he returns the money he found on the toilet at the airport, on Wednesday, according to ABS-CBN News.

As he was in the restroom, he found a black pouch left inside. He decided to open the pouch and much to his surprise, there was a large sum of money.

If you were to find any amount of cash, you can pretty much spend it on personal things if you need it. Despite that option at hand, Alejandro’s good heart did not think twice as he decided to immediately return to their store to tell what happened and reported the pouch to the Kalibo Airport Police station as he shared it to the proper authorities.

The pouch reportedly contained P130,000 worth of money and IDs of the owner Yihe Hong, a 33-year-old Chinese national. On that same day, Hong immediately went to the station to report the lost item.

As the police confirmed that he is the owner of the pouch, Alejandro did not hesitate to turn it over to him. Afterward, Hong gave money as his thank you for returning the pouch before he flew to China.

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