Pine Trees and Postcard Views: Experience the Best of Baguio at Le Monet Hotel

Le Monet Hotel at Camp John Hay

Looking for a place to stay in Baguio?Video by: JP Sium~ When In Manila

Posted by When In Manila on Friday, December 29, 2017

Baguio is one of the top destinations for Filipinos during the cold season. It’s during that time when we can experience a weather there that’s almost as cold as other countries’. And because it gets pretty crowded at Session Road, people opt to go to Camp John Hay for a more serene nature retreat instead.

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In Camp John Hay, you will experience nature that can only be found in Baguio—a view of its lush gardens and canopy of pines trees in temperature that can go as low as 15 degrees. With a scenery and weather like that, you would surely want to just sit back and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. If you’re looking for a place to stay in to do just that, consider Le Monet Hotel.

Le Monet Hotel is an establishment named after the great French painter, Claude Monet, to reflect the hotel’s example of life imitating art with their classy interior and each room providing a beautiful sight of pine trees. This masterpiece of contemporary luxury takes pride in their 71 elegantly designed guest rooms and amenities, along with their gracious hosting. At Le Monet Hotel, they make sure that all guests are given the best service and are accommodated well to make them feel right at home.

For a fair price, you will get access to first class bar and restaurant, holistic spa, gym, an indoor heated swimming pool, and, of course, a hotel room you will love the most. Allow me to expound on each:


As stated, they have 71 rooms all in all. Aside from its cabin vibes to match the surrounding terrain of the area, what’s special about the rooms is each has a veranda of its own overlooking Baguio’s breathtaking pine trees. It has a table and chairs, too, so you could sit there, breathe in the clean air, and feel the chilly breeze.

Get yourself a cup of Batirol and you got yourself the epitome of relaxation.

Food at The Lobby

Le Monet Hotel is known to have the best breakfast buffet in Baguio. I tried all their food and they are delicious. I’m also amazed by the fact that they serve intercontinental cuisines in the morning because I was just expecting to see typical breakfast food (pancakes, bacon, cereals, etc.), but there were also French food, Chinese food, and the likes.

For lunch and dinner, you can also order from their a la carte menu. Their serving is big enough for sharing, so you and your companions could order different meals to try out together. I’d suggest going for the Le Monet Salad, Almond Crusted Salmon, and Baby Back Ribs. Just order rice or mashed potato to complete the meal.

Vida Verde Spa and Gym

Their spa rooms and gym are located in one area. For the gym, you could do a full-body workout there given the equipment available. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, sweat it out here; the cold weather shouldn’t be a reason for you to just bum around!

Next, their spa is the perfect place to go to after a long day. Walking around Camp John Hay entails going through a lot of uphills and downhills—it gets a bit tiring if you’re not used to it. To cap off the day, you might want to go to Vida Verde Spa and avail of their services. Their scented candles, sleep-inducing dim lights, and excellent masseurs will get rid of all your stress and body aches; you’ll be sleeping like a baby afterwards (or during), too!

Indoor Temperature-Controlled Swimming Pool

Swimming in Baguio? That’s insane! Swimming in a heated pool? That’s better!

Le Monet Hotel wants you to maximize your stay by providing amenities that are pleasing to guests. If you’re into swimming, take a dip here and enjoy the mesmerizing pool with a view; you’ll come out rejuvenated and up with a new Instagram post!

Le Monet Garden

They also have a garden where events are held (especially romantic ones!). For the past months, a lot of people went ahead and proposed to their significant others here. Rightfully so because the garden is a lovely place. They have lovebirds around to admire, love-locks to make your vow, and a tent to share a meal in within a dreamy, garden set-up.

From time to time, Le Monet Hotel also does outdoor movie screenings here too.

Le Monet Bakery

For our culture, no trips are complete without buying pasalubong. Luckily, Le Monet Hotel has a bakery for those who want to give a sweet treat to their friends/family or those who simply enjoy a good pastry.

They have different kinds of breads and desserts. I personally love their cheesecake because it’s soft and creamy, which you will find indulgence in with every bite.

Checking in at Le Monet Hotel is a whole experience in itself. You will find yourself lost in nature under the gracious hosting of the hotel. For your next Baguio trip, be sure to try and check in here—it’s not too late to enjoy the cool weather!

Le Monet Hotel

Ordonio Drive Camp John Hay, Baguio City, Philippines
Tel No.: 661-02-02
Mobile: +639175267049

Photos by: Miguel Anis and JP Sium

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