PHOTOS: This Guy Tries to Find Himself But Finds the Beauty of Quiapo Instead

There really comes a point in our life where we need to stop and search for ourselves. I don’t know about you but I did mine on a Northern Luzon trip, spending most of my days in Baler and Isabela.

This guy, Marc Louie Madriaga Nitura, did his ‘soul searching’ in Quiapo. I don’t why pero walang basagan ng trip. LOL.

Or maybe he was just kidding when he said this.

quiapo photos 1

Anyhoo, it seemed his “soul searching” because he took beautiful snaps of Quiapo that day.

We asked him what his inspiration was and he told us that he thinks the place deserved a “throwback of the beauty of old Quiapo.”

His aim is to inspire others and show people the new face of Quiapo – that it is cleaner and more organized today.

Here are some of his shots.

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Marc took these photos last July 17 between 12 PM to 4 PM using his Fujifilm X100s camera.

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