Phoenix Court: Mastering Chinese Cuisine

When In Manila, there’s a lot of restaurants that offers authentic Chinese cuisine. It’s one of the cuisine that we, Filipinos, have come to love. One of our favorite restaurant happens to be located in the South – specifically in Alabang – Phoenix Court at The Bellevue Manila.

Phoenix Court1

Courteous staff of Phoenix Court will welcome upon entering.

The restaurant’s ambiance is perfect for a small family gathering, the best tables are the ones near the giant windows. But if you want privacy, there are rooms that are also perfect for conference. They have a round table that can cater up to 60 persons!

Chinese_Phoenix Court5

Before we started our extravagant Chinese food fiesta, we were treated to a really savory peanuts. I think I’ve finished the one placed near me — alone!

Chinese_Phoenix Court2

The famous peanuts of Phoenix Court. 

We started off with dim sum, I’m a sucker for this kind of dish. They served siomai and hakaw, which are really good! I like how their siomai is really stuffed and the taste of the shrimp is there – others don’t perfect that! The hakaw, which we all loved, was gone in less than a minute.

Phoenix Court3Look at how delish that siomai is!

Phoenix Court7And the hakaw will bring you to dim sum heaven!

We also loved the Honey Pork in Rice Roll, we “strongly” suggest that you order this appetizer dish. It was really good, the honey pork is delicious and gives both savory and sweet to one’s palate.

Phoenix Court13Honey Pork in Rice Roll. FIVE STAR APPETIZER DISH!

Since we can’t wait to start it already, they started serving the real deal — ifyou know what I mean! It was raining that afternoon and we were craving for a bowl of hot soup, and I think they heard our wishes and served us Spinash Seafood Soup. I must admit that I don’t eat that many of a vegetable, but this one really hit the jackpot off my craving!

Phoenix Court18Spinach Seafood Soup is perfect for the rainy weather!

After the soup, it is fish time. I have my fair share of Chinoy friends and fish for them is really a staple, Phoenix Court’s Lapu-Lapu in taosu sauce. A Sze Chuan, a really popular kind of Chinese cuisine, dish that is really full of flavor! The only thing that’s lacking to us that day was hot pot of rice.

Phoenix Court15