The Bellevue Manila: A 5-Star Hotel Like No Other

The Bellevue Manila



When in Manila, and would like to treat yourself and your loved ones to a nice luxurious weekend, here’s another  hotel which we highly recommend you try out especially if you’re located in the south! – The Bellevue Manila!


I honestly dunno how to start this… I’m just sooo thrilled to show you how great our experience was at The Bellevue Manila! Looking at our photos made me wish I lived in the south.. SERIOUSLY! I believe there are so many things to discover there and we’re happy that on this weekend, we were able to discover and experience one of our finest travel escapades ever!


 This deep affliction of wanderlust never seems to cease that we never tire of searching for places to discover. We hunger and thirst  for exhilarating and soul enriching experiences very so often that even the perpetual rains won’t stop us.  Must be the epicures in us!


This time, it was The Bellevue Manila who sheltered and pampered us, gave us an experience we will never forget!



So let the photo tour and story telling begin!



First impressions: We were impressed with their very modern front desk located at their newly built tower. It looked very elegant, sophisticated and the feel was so vibrant and relaxing.  As to all 5 star hotels, expect service deluxe! The staff at The Bellevue Manila made sure all our needs were attended to!


 a look at The Bellevue Manila‘s ultra chic lobby





Elevator going up!



You never have to worry about your safety when at The Bellevue! People can’t just lurk around floors without these keycards which are only assigned to the floor where their room is located.




 our room keycards, poolside passes, welcome drinks and wi-fi passwords

 They got a very reliable and fast wi-fi connection! We had no problem in updating our social media accounts and doing emails. This is really useful for business people who always have to be online!




 A wine and cheese treat for us! Oooohh so nice! It was also touching to see that they even included our personal site aside from on the welcome card! Thank you soooo much!




 The rooms at The Bellevue are all meticulously designed and fully equipped with all the things you’ll be needing to provide you with maximum ease!






 we just love everything about this bathroom!




After settling our things,  we then opened the wine and splurged onto their delectable cheeses! 




 Super fun to stay at The Bellevue!




 Their pool on the 3rd floor was sooo inviting that it didn’t stop guests from swimming despite the rainy skies





They also have a cute pastry shop filled with heavenly sweets…











And so dinner time came…. all 3 of us marched down to the sought-after highly acclaimed Cafe d’ Asie!



 me, Badeth and Frank:‘s resident epicures




 The Bellevue Manila’s Cafe d’ Asie




 Cafe d’ Asie serves as The Bellevue Manila‘s main restaurant. I noticed that the size of the restaurant is relatively smaller compared to the other 5 star hotels I’ve been to. Despite the small area, I may say that it still looked very cozy and elegant with just the right number of tables and furnishings to provide guests with comfort and a very relaxing dining experience.



 elegant dining at Cafe d’ Asie




Let the feast begin! 


Cafe d’ Asie prides itself with a nice and balanced selection of dishes in their buffets.  It may not have a lot of stations but rest assured that each offer satisfying dishes and treats to fill you to the brim!



One thing I enjoyed about our stay at The Bellevue Manila was over indulging onto their cheeses. They may not have a wide selection but they do have the really good ones! I’m a big fan of BRIE and EMMENTAL!

Indulging myself to wine and fine cheese is my idea of luxury!




I love Japanese food but I only eat sashimis at 5 star hotels and restos. Better to be safe! Must try these!




 the salad station





 smoked fish




 the irresistible roast at the carving station




 Mongolian and dim sum station!




 They got quite a selection of marinated meats and seafood at the Grill section




 I’m very loyal to my SEE FOOD DIET!




 We ordered their Beverage of the month, the very refreshing – Peach Basil Smoothie

Frank may not to be a fan of it’s fusion but me and Badeth appreciated it a lot!




 Badeth having an elegant dinner




 me and Frank looking at some of his shots




On a personal note: I can live by only eating cheese, nuts, flat breads and berries… hmmm which made me think that I was probably an avian in my past life. I find this combination as super  luxurious.


 this is what “sosyal” is for me




 You really have to try these once a while!




Desserts? Indulge onto these wickedly glorious sweet treats at The Bellevue Manila! 


 Here at The Bellevue Manila, you have the liberty to cheat on that so called diet whatsoever! hahaha




 a fleet of treats all ready for the taking




Frank picked the best looking treats for us to enjoy




 obviously the one with the sweet tooth





 our dining experience was enhanced with the music played by their very talented performer that night! 




After that very filling dinner, we headed to their Mandarine Spa to try some of their signature treatments!




 I love how they were able to capture the feel of ZEN.




In all our travels, Frank and I always look forward to spending time at the jacuzzi and sauna. In this particular occasion, it was Badeth’s 1st time to try the jacuzzi.



 The best Jacuzzi experience so far!




 Frank and Badeth chose to have the foot reflexology while I tried their signature Fusion Massage and OMG it was soooo relaxing!  Special mention to Ms Rialyn for that great massage!




so far, we got the BEST hotel spa treatments here at The Bellevue Manila! I wonder if the next hotels which we will be visiting can beat it!





The Next Day….




I may not be a morning person on weekdays but I always look forward to glorious weekend mornings.  Mornings are blessings… I look forward to more of these with my loved ones. We love taking photos using natural light and  immortalizing whatever food that is on our table.  On that morning, we were once again blessed with a lot of warm natural light.



 we should always be thankful for the abundant food




 I believe I influenced Frank to appreciate buttered toasts, marmalades and cold cuts. We just love munching onto these suckers!




Badeth on the other hand devoured on these succulent meats 




 like her, I also love corned beef hash but since I was pretending to be on a diet that day… I decided to pass. =P




 But when I saw the ultra crispy fried danggit and tender pork tocino  at the Filipino breakfast station, that was it! NO DIET!




 the happy 3!




 Before calling it another grand stay, we reserved extra tummy room to try out The Bellevue Manila’s very own 5-star Chinese restaurant called PHOENIX COURT!



 The people at The Bellevue  insisted we should try dining here at Phoenix Court so we decided to give it a go!




 The general dining area may not be as luxurious as the others which we’ve visited before but we were particularly amazed by this ultra huge table that can hold 20 heads! The biggest table I’ve seen so far!

 I deal for corporate meetings and huge family gatherings!




 while waiting for our orders, Sir Penn, their restaurant manager gave us complimentary Oolong teas and peanuts as appetizers.




Since we had no idea on what to order, we asked Sir Penn to give us their Chef’s Recommendations!



 Quick Fried Beef Tenderloin w/ Black Pepper –  The taste! The Taste! The TASTE!! ( uuurrgghhhh I’m dead) FANTASTIC!  Left me at awe for days!




 Two Variety Chicken ( Stuffed and Kong Po) – I must say I liked the stuffed one better. It’s made of  crunchy chicken skin filled with shrimps and everything good!




 Steamed Prawn Balls with Fried Garlic –  Frank’s favorite among the set. Fresh and juicy huge prawns! Made me cry!! The Best! 




 Homemade Beancurd w/ Crab Meat and Fish Roe – Another killer! A new favorite of mine and truly one of their best sellers!!! 





Nom nom nom nom nom…….




  with dishes as fine as these….  we will always have extra room in our tummies!




Loving and savoring each bite!  Celebrating life! 




We’d like to thank Sir Penn for the warm welcome and for making us  feel really special!!!

Also, to Chef Cheong Kwan Loong who equally deserves a standing ovation!

Special mention as well to Ma’am Jehn Domingo! =)








People living in the south are really lucky to have hotels such as The Bellevue Manila. I’m really glad that I took my friend’s advice to try and feature The Bellevue Manila. He said this was the place where he proposed marriage to his gf so The Bellevue Manila holds a very special place in his heart. With the amenities, top-notch service and over-all feel which The Bellevue Manila provides, everyone can easily fall in love with this place without a doubt and I’m sure that many people also consider The Bellevue Manila as an ideal place to make lasting memories. 


The Bellevue Manila is not just an ordinary 5-star hotel where people come and go but more of a venue where people strengthen bonds and renew ties… now that’s what I call special! I hope this will serve as fuel to inspire the people behind The Bellevue Manila in their future endeavors. We really think they’re doing such a great job! 




The Bellevue Manila: A 5 Star Hotel Experience Like No Other! Another must visit when in Manila!








The Bellevue Manila

North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City Alabang, Muntinlupa City Philippines 1781

TEL   +632 771 8181


FAX   +632 771 8282


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The Bellevue Manila: A 5 Star Hotel Like No Other

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