‘Philippine Volcanoes’ Billboard Removed, Too Hot for EDSA

(When in Manila) If you happen to frequent EDSA Guadalupe on your way home, you may have noticed that the billboard ads showing some hunky members of the Philippine National Rugby Team wearing briefs were already removed. Dang, I missed that! I should have seen them when they were still erect! (pun intended) 


rugby team billboard edsa1


Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos asked the advertisers to remove the said “billboard” because he said it was inappropriate to be displayed in Manila’s busiest area. He said, “Hindi ko pinapaalis, I am just requesting advertisers to have it removed” (Duh.) He also said that he’s just concerned with the children who’ll  see the ad. As a result, some netizens criticized Abalos  for being ‘unfair’ on the issue.


Sources told that Abalos came to know of the controversial billboard through Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian. It was reported that Gatchalian had to cover his nephew’s eyes from seeing the billboard. Alright, we get it. But what about the previous underwear ads in EDSA that have come and gone from the public eye, were they any different from this billboard?


Of all the attention-grabbing underwear ads I have seen along EDSA for the past few years, why were these men being singled out? Was it their fault to look extra hot on those undies? Do the billboard ads showing famous bikini-clad female celebs get an exemption? Doesn’t it make sense for these male models to wear briefs in an ‘underwear ad’? Should they be wearing puruntong shorts instead? Lol!


On the brighter side, thanks for today’s news, I wouldn’t have known about these hot ‘Philippine Volcanoes‘ athletes representing our country in the sport called Rugby. So done with dogs. Lol just kidding!