Philippine Online Sites Actually Have Dried Leaves For Sale

A number of posts on social media recently brought our attention to one surprising fact: dried Talisay (Indian Almond) leaves are actually a pretty popular item on online sites here in the Philippines. People were generally confused about the need to buy or sell something like dried leaves online but others were quick to inform that these leaves have their own purpose.

dried leaves for sale 2

Talisay leaves are typically placed in aquariums for the conditioning and care of Bettas. They are believed to increase the health, vigor, and fertility of these fishes, as well as reducing the Ph levels of the water. The leaves are used to imitate the natural conditions of the fishes’ habitat through the compounds released which alter the water’s chemistry.

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Despite this quite practical use, there were still many people uninformed about such functions. Some reacted by sharing other ‘strange’ items they found on online shops, while others tried to research and find out why leaves would need to be bought.

dried leaves for sale 1

One popular exchange regarding the leaves was a potential buyer commenting on the sale post: “At first I thought: really? And as a designer, I realized that they are actually pretty and could be used for things like decoration wreaths.

” The seller just replied: “God created things for a reason.”

dried leaves for sale 3

What do you think about this?