Philippine Eagle Featured in ‘Our Planet’ Documentary

Amidst the heating discussion about the Philippine environment and animals, Philippine eagles have been featured in the new Netflix documentary ‘Our Planet’.

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The Philippine Eagle named ‘Kalabugao’ is from the forest of Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon. Her name was derived from the village where she was captured in 2008 when she was still a juvenile eagle.

Kalabugao was rehabilitated in the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao and was released in 2009. She was then captured in 2015 after killing a domestic pig and was released again.

In the documentary, Kalabugao is seen with her offspring Maluko. ‘Our Planet’ is a documentary series that shows the beauty of nature and how climate change affects all living creatures.

In the third episode of the documentary entitled ‘Jungles’, the film focuses on different species like birds and orangutans.