Philippine 2 Peso Coin: 10 Things That 2 Pesos Can Get You Today

Philippine 2 Peso Coin: 10 Things That 2 Pesos Can Get You Today

The old Philippine 2 peso coin has a nostalgic feel to it! With its unique shape and size, it was once a powerful token enough to get you food for a hungry stomach, or even enough to pay for a jeepney ride back in the day! Today, 2 pesos can’t really get you too far anymore, but we’ve come up with a good list of worthwhile things you can get for “dalawang piso!”

Oh and can you guess how many sides the old Philippine two peso coin had? The answer will surprise you! It’s not what you expect…. We’ll tell you at the end of this post. 

10 Things That “dalawang piso” Can Get You Today

2 Pesos may not be able to take us very far but it doesn’t mean it can’t get you anything at all. Here’s a few things that you can get with (literally) a couple of pesos in your pocket.

10. Fishballs


Fishballs (2)

Go to your suking kuyang mag-fifishball and make tusok 3 pieces of fishballs. Don’t forget to dunk it into that sweet dip or that spicy vinegar sauce before you devour them. And eat them with your pinky finger out because that’s how the sosi eat it.

Check out our favorite spot for the best fishballs in Manila as featured on CNN and other local media outlets – Best Fishball Streetfood stand in Manila

9. Ice Water

Ice Water

Or ice tubig to many. This refreshing drink is something that you can get after playing basketball sa kanto. See, even King James drinks it. 

8. Piso Print

Piso Print

This is popular to students especially those who are printing copies of their thesis. Wow, graduating~~~

And yes, you get two of these for 2 Pesos! 

7. Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag

Forgot your eco-bag (or bayong if you’re old school) and had to buy some fresh produce but the paper bag that store gives you will not do? For 2 pesos, you can get a plastic bag, but please don’t forget to reuse it to save our planet! (like using it as a makeshift raincoat when it’s raining outside)

6. Chichirya (junk food)


I’m feeling a bit nostalgic here so Pompoms comes to mind but there are other chichirya (junk food) that you can get for 2 Pesos from your suking tindahan. If I remember correctly, you can still get two Pompoms for 2 Pesos.

5. Kwek Kwek

Kwek Kwek (2)

Kwek Kwek

You can get kwek kwek, which is a famous Filipino street food consisting of hard boiled quail eggs covered with an orange batter and deep-fried to perfection, for 2 Pesos. Like fishballs, dip it in the sauce before eating them.

4. The Call of Nature


Toilets in many public places aren’t for free. It may be rare but you can still find a few restrooms where you can pee for 2 Pesos. Other restrooms are priced at 5 to 10 pesos depending where you. And it’s more expensive if you wish to go number 2. But if you’re lucky, you might just be able to sneak in a quick call of nature at some local restrooms. 

3. Band-aid


For 2 Pesos, you can get a band-aid that can cover up that bleeding cut. Unfortunately, the band-aid for broken hearts is much more expensive.

2. Cell Phone Load

Sun Load

I think cell phone loads are the best bang for your buck nowadays with 2 pesos! Just like this one: 

You can get this “add on” promo if you are subscribed to the following Sun Prepaid loads: Call and Text Combo, Call and Text Unlimited and Text Unlimited. This offer also includes: “all day unlimited Facebook,” “all day unlimited Chat via Viber, Whatsapp or Line” and “mobile surfing upto 5mb!” Talk about added value for only 2 Pesos. To avail of #SunAdd2, just dial *247#2#

These Sun Prepaid add-ons are valid for 1 day for just dalawang piso! 


1. A great conversation!

2 Peso Coin

“Ito dalawang piso! Bumili ka ng kausap!” (Here’s 2 pesos! Call a friend!)

No we’re kidding! We don’t mean it in that sense. Instead, carry around that super old 2 Peso coin and show it to people and watch nostalgia get the whole room talking! Don’t you just love that old decagon (10 sides) shaped coin!?! For this, you don’t even have to spend that 2 Pesos!


Oh and for the question “How many sides did the old Philippine 2 Peso coin have?”….

Well… the answer is 12 SIDES. Yes, TWELVE!

12 sides because it was a decagon, so it had 10 sides around it, but it also had the head and tail sides of the coin. So 10 + 2 = 12. This was somewhat of a trick question. Perfect to use for small drinking bets…. or for 2 peso bets!!!  😉 

Can you think of other stuff you can get for 2 Pesos? Share it with us on the comment section. 

10 Things That 2 Pesos Can Get You Today

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