Permanent Laser Hair Removal, Dermatology and Skin Care Clinic at D’ Spa

Rejuvenate your skin and body with some non-surgical cosmetic procedures and spa services. D’ Spa and Skin Clinics are dedicated to satisfying all of your needs for anti-aging treatments and skin care products.

“D’ Spa is a center dedicated to your beauty, health, relaxation, and tranquility. Our values differentiate us and accentuate our commitment to excellence.”

The beauty clinic offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures and spa services to rejuvenate the skin and body. They are dedicated to satisfying their clients’ needs for anti-aging treatments and skin care products.

Services include:

Hair Removal

Make the cut! Enjoy the freedom of spontaneity and get rid of unwanted hair in a flash with Trios™.

Trios™ applies concentrated flashes of safe visible light to remove hair from all parts of the body without harming the surrounding tissue. The treatment is fast, effective and, most importantly, poses no risks to the patient.

Skin Rejuvenation

Need a lift? Gain confidence and make way for smooth, clear skin!

Trios ™ safely and gently applies concentrated flashes of light that target sun spots, age spots, loose skin, and wrinkles to encourage collagen production and promote restructuring of the skin.

Acne Clearance

Isn’t it time you started feeling secure in your own skin?

Trios™ doesn’t just target the surface of stubborn scars. It works deep down under your skin to destroy acne-causing bacteria and slow the production of excess sebaceous oil, which means significantly fewer breakouts.


Feel and look younger. Complete your professional skin care regimen!

Infusion™ is a unique virtually painless needle-free aesthetic procedure by which essential vitamins, minerals, and complex amino acids are delivered into the skin. It is useful for collagen regeneration, anti-aging treatments, skin rehydration, skin firming, body toning, cellulite and stretch mark reduction.

Vela Smooth

Treat yourself to a smoother, sexier figure!

VelaSmooth is a breakthrough in cellulite reduction and is performed with an aesthetic medical device that utilizes elōs technology. Vacuum and specially designed rollers manipulate and smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient energy delivery.


Breaks the fat during lunch!

Low frequency ultrasound waves create micro bubbles in the body fluids resulting in selective destruction of fat cells. As fat cells break up, they are reabsorbed by the lymphatic system. Lunchtime procedure of 20 minutes with guaranteed results.


Let the skin sound off for a healthier, glowing you.

The treatment uses high frequency sound to target deep skin cells, stimulating them and warming them up. It is used for skin rejuvenation, face lifting, cellulite removal, body contouring, and firming.

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When in Manila, be sure to check out D’ Spa and Skin Center to get that flawless looking skin that you definitely need. Get their many services for anti-aging, skin care and permanent laser hair removal.

D’ Spa and Skin Center / Clinic


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