Pens N’ Brushes Proudly Launched The First Theatrical Drawing Session at BGC Arts Festival

As part of the BGC Arts Center Festival themed “Champions of Passion,” Pens N’ Brushes featured the first ever theatrical figure drawing session in Manila on the 25th of November 2017.  This fantastic event was held outdoors at the Sun Life Amphitheatre and was open for everyone to see.

The night was filled with whimsy and crisp evening air as the sketchers drew their subjects under the stars.


The play presented the animated story of “Lam-Ang,” an epic Philippine folktale from the Ilocos Region. The setting looked magical under the dream-like stage lighting while the models put the characters to life with their vibrant costumes and make-up.


Each of the 3 acts was opened by a captivating emotive dance by one of the female models while the rest posed scenes lasting from 2 to 20 minutes. This offered participants variation of time to illustrate in speed or in detail. Faber-Castell brought in some of their top-notch art materials for everybody to use.


Music accompanied the entire affair. Quartet Manila commenced the event with a string duet of Philippine folk tunes while the acoustic band, Timog, serenaded the crowd during one of the intermissions.


Participating artists and passers-by overwhelmingly enjoyed this elaborate art jam that fused drawing, music, dance and story-telling.