Pazar Food Park: 10 Establishments for a Fairview Food Trip Adventure!

An afternoon with my friends for a day of food discovery led us on a sojourn of Fairview’s newest food haven, Pazar Food Park. Prepped for this food trip with a list of our cravings and very healthy appetites, we were ready to  chew,  gorge and sip through  what  proved to be one part gastronomic adventure and equal parts delicious.

Allow me to deviate a bit: before the *ahem* juicier parts of this piece. Chef Nathaniel Mounayer, owner of Pazar Food Park and Meshwe, explained that ‘Pazar’ is Turkish for ‘Food Market’. With his vision of opening up a food park bare of food trucks and container vans, Chef Nathan successfully brought things to life with a gathering of some very distinct food entrepreneurs operating 10 home-grown stand alone shops.

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (1)Classic dishes like fries and juicy hamburgers alongside the freshest eats including waffles with a surprise filling, drinks with feelings (you read that right), and so much more for your tastebuds to explore!

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (25)

Upon arriving, we prepared to dine under warm yellow lights, distant music, and the mysterious yet glorious aroma from the smoky grills and burners. With our senses stimulated and our mood set on “hungry,” we food-hopped through the establishments on our Pazar Food Park food trip list:

10. Flip & Dine

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (13)

What I love about Pazar Food Park’s selections is that you get value for your money. Take “Flip & Dine”, for example. You can’t miss its striking red exterior – the same one that jumpstarted our appetite for Italian x Filipino cuisine. The successful marriage of the foreign and familiar through their generous servings made us giddy for more. Check out how much you get from their offers:

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (15)

Beef Sandwich (P125), rich Chicken Alfredo Pasta (P120) and S’mores Dip (P125)

Taking photos of their S’mores Dip left me drooling! Good thing no one noticed. Who could blame me when chocolate syrup and chips embedded in a marshmallow pillow proved to be such a tease?

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (2)

Melt in the pan to melt in your mouth s’mores? Check! | 0917 921 5850

9. Frankensteaks

Now how would one brand themselves a food adventurer if they refused to try newly-established food concepts?

One of these new brands is Frankensteaks. Now, repeat after me: FRANKEN-steaks! The name itself earns points for its literary reference and conjures visions of  Mary Shelley’s hubris flawed scientist; but in a kitchen setting, as he creates steaks that proudly defy the price point gods.

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (26)

The Doctor, Mr. Frank himself, who creates monstrously good steaks without the nails and green skin.

Think quality T-bone steaks at P99! They manage to offer thicker portions than competitors because master griller and owner Frank also owns a meat shop. So, expect the best of the best cuts without any of those “fake steak” extenders at the cheapest possible price.

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (5)

T-bone Steaks (P99), Hungarian Sandwich (P119), and Cucumber Lemonade 

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (6)

Steaks that won’t break the bank? Check!

8. Greased Comfort Food

At this stall, you’ll end up with greased hands and happy tummies brought by their offers that are hearty and comforting. Parang hug lang!

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (9)

If you think you’ve already had your fair share of common comfort food, let Greased Comfort Food make you think otherwise. Going with the notion that we never really outgrow childhood and college favorites like pancit canton, grilled cheese and pizza; these staples are given upgraded versions without losing nostalgic value. Of course, it’s hoped that it invokes nostalgia of the good kind and not those of breakups or the friends-turned-strangers kind!

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (10)

We loved their stone-grilled flatbreads, which are quasi-pizzas. There’s “Lucky Me! But not really” for P89 with some great quality bacon strips and a runny egg, “Poor Man’s Buffalo” (P120) composed of crispy chicken skin buffalo style, and the oh-so-apropo “Better than your Ex” (P150) grilled sandwiches! We thought their food items proved true to their names (especially the last one) and earned some light giggles.

Pazar Food Park Fairview Haven (11)

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Flatbread (P220)

Comfort food with a twist? Check!

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