Pasig Employees Get Full Salary and Benefits even with Enhanced Quarantine

All thanks to Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto!

Following the Enhanced Community Quarantine that was implemented because of Covid-19, many employees were forced to stay at home. Some may have the option to work from home, but most couldn’t. And for the latter, it can be tough. Not only will there be issues with security of tenure, but even salary too, among other reasons.

Thankfully, Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto found a way. Last Tuesday, he announced that all the employees from Pasig City Hall, whether regular, contractual or job order, will receive their full salary even with the quarantine.

He even added that he will find a way for employees who have the “no work, no pay” policy. On the other hand, employees in the frontlines will be given hazard pay, overtime, and other benefits. He ends the post by saying that safety is his utmost priority, and to stay home as much as possible.

These provisions, along with a list of the companies that will work from home, operate under a skeletal workforce, and will be in full operation can be found in Executive Order no. PCG-15.

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