Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho collaborates with Secret Garden’s award winning writer’s new TV series “The Heirs”


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(Lee Min Ho at Bench’s press conference and Park Shin Hye wearing a dress from Flower Boy Next Door .)


When in Manila, meet Korea’s modern day royal couple. Or at least that’s how close their new drama suggests. From the writer of Secret Garden, Lover’s in Paris and A Gentleman’s Dignity; Kim Eun Sook makes a comeback with his new story “The Heirs” starring heartthrob Lee Min Ho and the lovely Park Shin Hye. With the two lead stars recently visiting the Philippines and Secret Garden being a huge hits among Filipinos, I sense another drama that will once again achieve great success in the Pearl of the Orient.


Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye 2


The story’s theme is said to be similar to Gossip Girl’s urban teenage romance. The Heirs is about young chaebol‘s (wealthy businessman who owns a huge business conglomerate) sons and daughters who will one day inherit their respective crowns and thrones… with a Cinderella caught in the middle. Getting the literal meaning of  “your hair is your crowning glory“, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye both had their shares of hairstyles and haircuts, each complimenting their various characters. Here’s a look back to their previous works, since most of their shows already graced Philippine TV.


Lee Min Ho Manila

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Heir’s Hairstyle: A prince on TV and a moving Ken doll in real life. A style icon who can suit any role given to him, while still maintaining his easy-going side despite all the action scenes and bullying he does for his series. 


Lee Min Ho BOF  

Boys Over Flower’s Gu Jun Pyo 


Gu Jun Pyo’s boldness and blunt twisted words are as dark and curly as his not-everyone-can-pull-this-off hairstyle. He’s someone you should hate but just can’t. His perm is something you don’t want to see but have learned to love (or accept.)


Lee Min Ho CH

City Hunter’s Lee Yoon Sung 


Guns and romances bloom together as one. Lee Min Ho takes the identity of a Korean-American teenager to conceal his own as he seeks revenge. And yes, girls all over Asia are loving his messy newly colored hair that amplifies his bad boy aura to another level.


Lee Min Ho PT

Personal Taste’s Jeon Jin Ho 


Taking in a dainty role and giving light to his image, Lee Min Ho stars in Personal Taste. His sleek hair style gives off a mature and professional look. Jeon Jin Ho is a respected architect that soon pretended to be gay to get what he needs. Something far fetched from his previous works.


Park Shin Hye Manila


Heir’s Hair Cut: She’s a cut above the rest. Taking in roles that are entirely different from each other, the naturally cute Park Shin Hye proves that she’s one flexible and versatile actress that will last long in the entertainment industry.


Park Shin Hye You're Beautiful

You’re Beautiful’s Go Mi Nam / Go Min Nyu 


From her long hair in Stairway to Heaven, we see her cut it all off on Philippine TV in You’re Beautiful. If Min Ho tried being girly, Shin Hye had a chance to be a feminine man – Go Mi Nam. Taking over her twin brother while he’s in the hospital, Go Min Nyu joins an all male boy band as their new member, but the fact that she’s a girl is a secret she can’t tell.



 Heartstrings’ Lee Gyu Won


Her bob cut and colored hair emphasized Shin Hye’s sweet bubbly side as Lee Gyu Won, the talented Traditional Korean Music major from Heartstrings. Unlike Min Ho’s weapons in City Hunter, Shin Hye battled the Western Music majors with musical instruments and soothing melody.


Park Shin Hye Flower Boy Next Door


If Min Ho was a flower boy in BOF, Shin Hye’s in a reverse situation. Growing her hair, letting it cover her pretty face at some point and then shedding off all her remaining energy. Park Shin Hye takes the role of Go Dok Mi in Flower Boy Next Door, an introvert that prefers her desk lamp and the light emitting from her laptop from the sunrise. Fortunately, Dok Mi eventually gets drag to the outside world by her pretty boy neighbors.


The Heirs


The Heirs – also known as “He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown Endures Its Weight ” – will be showing this October in SBS. So When In Manila, let’s all learn the virtue of patience, as the mix of a great cast and a top notch writer will definitely be worth wait.


Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye

 Shhh… Quietly Wait Now…. Till Next Time!




Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho collaborates with Secret Garden’s award winning writer’s new TV series  “The Heirs”


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