Park Bo Gum says all of his Korean drama characters are “precious” to him

During his recent press conference at Manila, Park Bo Gum mentioned that all his dramas and the characters he has played are “precious” to him. He said, “All of the characters live in my memory, because all of those characters and dramas are so so precious to me.”

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He was also asked if any of his characters are similar to him, or which one he could relate to the most. The actor then answered, “Actually, every character that I played has something in common with me. Also, there were a lot of things I wanted to learn and emulate in those characters. They’re similar to me.”

Here are some of the most popular Korean drama characters that Park Bo Gum recently portrayed:

As the happy-go-lucky Kim Jin-hyuk in the melodrama “Encounter”

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As Crown Prince Lee Yeong in the historical drama “Love In The Moonlight”

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As the genius Choi Taek in the rom-com “Reply 1988”

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Although it seems like Park Bo Gum already tried various roles and different genres, the actor shared that he does want to explore more when it comes to his future portrayals. He said, “There are many [roles that I want to play,].There are still many acting roles that I haven’t tried yet.”

Which role do you want to see him play next?