Panelo Suggests 24-Hour Workday to Ease Metro Manila Traffic

As the traffic condition of Metro Manila worsens, people continue to pitch their ideas on solving the problem. In a press briefing, Panelo suggested a 24-hour workday for establishments like schools and banks. “Meron bang ganun sa buong mundo? Parang wala pa. Ano kaya subukan natin.” (rough translation: Is there a policy like this in other countries? I think there’s none yet. What if we try it?)

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When asked how it is going to help ease the traffic, the Presidential spokesperson explained that it will divide the number of people on the road. Approximately half of the vehicles will be on the road during the day while the other half will be on the road at night.

His suggestion garnered negative remarks among many netizens. Some people commented that they think this would not work because people still go out even if they don’t have work. A few even mentioned that there are some establishments like call centers and hospitals that practice 24-hour activity yet it hasn’t helped our traffic situation.

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