Palabyab Skin Clinic Provides Fractionated C02 Laser Magic

Palabyab Skin Clinic Provides Fractionated C02 Laser Magic


When in Manila, some people can’t help but feel conscious about the way that they look. Having good and healthy skin is always a part of our concern, and finding a clinic that can be your best buddy can therefore be a pretty tough job.

Just like looking for a real-life best friend, looking for the perfect skin clinic can be tedious and tiring. Thankfully, I was able to find the “one”: Palabyab Skin Clinic.

Palabyab Skin Clinic has been in the industry for 30 years and counting, and they have already established themselves as one of the best clinics in the metro. A few weeks back, I visited the clinic to prepare myself for the fractionated C02 laser treatment by undergoing on an arsenal of facial care products and regime.

Palabyab Skin Clinic

Where it all began

I had a really bad case of acne scars for sometime now, and despite the numerous procedures and creams, they wouldn’t seem to go away. I acquired these scars when I was younger and had a surprisingly crazy breakout phase.

According to Dr. Claire Palabyab, one of their resident dermatologists, my scars were products of my acne surgeries and facials. As per her diagnosis, my skin was actually pretty sensitive to pricking and is very prone to scarring. Aside from that, my face is also very oily and sensitive to breakouts.

Palabyab Skin Clinic

Skin condition before undergoing the treatment — very oily, a lot of breakouts, and deep scars


To finally achieve the healthy-looking skin that I want, Dr. Claire made me undergo their fractionated c02 laser treatment, which would basically burn the outermost layer of my skin to give way to collagen formation – something that would eventually help me get rid of my scars. Since my scars were already a little deep, Dr. Claire suggested doing a series of treatments to be done every three months.

Palabyab Skin Clinic

The Fractionated C02 Laser Machine


Before I got my face done, Dr. Claire let me drink a tablet of pain reliever as a precaution. After all, the treatment would involve burning off my skin. Dr. Claire warned me that it would sting during the treatment, and sure enough, it was a little painful. It was tolerable, though, and merely felt like my skin was going through a bad sunburn.

Palabyab Skin Clinic

With the topical anesthesia


The first step of the procedure was basically putting of a topical anaesthesia on and letting it set for 45 minutes. A clear sheet of plastic was placed on top of my face for better absorption of the medicine. The treatment was quick and it only took around 15-20 minutes with the laser. 

Palabyab Skin Clinic

The Cryophoresis Machine for cooling


After the treatment, Dr. Claire put me through a quick cooling process, wherein my skin swelled. Since my skin was extremely hot after the laser surgery, the cryphoresis actually felt like a great relief. Applied with a special Aloe Vera cream, the cryophoresis procedure basically felt like ice was being applied to the surface of the skin, thus preventing the skin from swelling too much and helping my skin’s temperature go back to normal.

Palabyab Skin Clinic

Sunblock with SPF 150 for protection to my newly treated face


After the treatment, I was advised to refrain from washing my face for the first two days. A bottle of sunblock was also given to me to be applied twice a day. Lastly, Dr. Claire advised me to avoid the sun as much as I can. I am the type of person who actually dislikes using an umbrella, but after the treatment, I really had to change my habits and go away from the sun as much as I can.

Palabyab Skin Clinic

Patterns formed the day after the treatment


Since I was expecting a meeting within a few days after the treatment, I asked Dr. Claire to do the surgery in the mildest possible way. I wanted my face to bear less scabs during the downtime, and I wanted to, at least, look presentable as soon as possible. Usually, the patterns made in the surface of the skin is pretty solid and close to each other. However, in my case, Dr. Claire did random patterns which was more loosely done and bore a little less scabs than expected.

The next five days were, to be perfectly honest, the hardest. My face stung every time, and even the slightest touch hurt it. I commute, so there were times when I had to wear a face mask to protect my skin from all the dust and smoke. My face also scabbed really bad and for four days, I had to deal with some painful peeling. Even if my skin has been crying for a pain reliever, I was only allowed to use only my soap and my sunblock, though – nothing else.

Palabyab Skin Clinic

The top most layer of the skin forming scabs; three days after the treatment


Although the five-day down time was relatively long, I could definitely say that everything was worth it! When I visited Dr. Claire a few days later, my face was remarkably softer and my skin felt rejuvenated. I start going back to my old regimen of creams and toners after a week from the treatment as well, since my skin was already in a much better state.

If you’d ask me if I would go through all the hardships again after this just to maintain my skin, I would definitely say yes in a heartbeat. The downtime was crazy, but if you think about it, the results are extremely great! Hands down!

Palabyab Skin Clinic 

Fully healed and peeled skin. Visible scars but softer skin and less oilier.


With the latest advancements and the magic of science, it seems like nothing is impossible anymore. So if you want to finally have that baby soft skin that you’ve always dreamed of, you can always visit Palabyab Skin Clinic, where everything is at your fingertips.





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Palabyab Skin Clinic Provides Fractionated C02 Laser Magic