Palabyab Skin Clinic: Unravel Your Skin’s Ultimate Potential

Palabyab Skin Clinic: Unravel Your Skin’s Ultimate Potential

When in Manila, we cannot deny that pollution can get to our skin and cause damages that we never saw coming. From an all-out acne attack to the scarring aftermath, we must admit that a friendly skin clinic is always a great help. Found at the heart of the city, Palabyab Skin Clinic will surely help you get over your skin problems in no time.

Palabyab Skin ClinicWhere the magic happens.


The clinic boasts its 30 years of experience in the field of clinical and cosmetic dermatology. Founded by Dr. Efren Palabyab and his wonderful wife, Dr. Clare G. Palabyab, in the 1980’s, Palabyab Skin Clinic has already come a long way, handling numerous patients through the years, with most of them trusting the Palabyabs to take care of their skin even until today.

imgaThe Palabyab Team. L-R: Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino, Dr. Clare G. Palabyab, Dr. Efren Palabyab


Each session and consultation at Palabyab Skin Clinic is nothing but intimate and personal. They are very hands-on with their patients, and they personally conduct each treatments by themselves. Even their prescriptions — from creams to soaps to toners — are handcrafted by their team.

Palabyab Skin Clinic
Palabyab Skin Clinic’s accommodating receptionists, Krisha and Emily


The clinic offers a wide array of services, such as acne surgeries, botox treatments, diamond peels, IPL removal, and many others. I am so happy and privileged to have had my skin checked by Dr. Clare and to have gotten a quick consultation, as well.

I had severe acne during my teenage years, which led to deep and really bad scars all over my face. It has been one of my biggest problems despite my consistent facials and diamond peels with the hopes of getting that perfect radiant glow. Dr. Clare recommended a fractional c02 laser surgery for me, to be done every three months. This is an ablative laser procedure that burns a small percent of the epidermis in order to give way to the production of new tissues and to result in collagen production and layer production of softer and smoother skin.

Palabyab Skin Clinic
Your transformation begins here.


Since I could not immediately indulge myself in the treatment, I was given an arsenal of skin care products that I would have to use in preparation for the procedure first. Dr. Clare prescribed me with the following:

Palabyab Skin Clinic
My new beauty arsenal. Thank you Palabyab Skin Clinic! 


1. Hypoallergenic Soap – Dr. Clare recommended me the hypoallergenic soap since it’s very gentle to the skin. Mine’s a little sensitive and very oily, and the soap makes my skin softer and less oilier.

2. Acne Gel – My breakouts were not as bad as before, but nonetheless, I was prescribed with the Acne Gel. It prevents my skin from producing more pimples since I am very prone to breakouts because of my oily skin and hormonal imbalance. I have to apply it in the morning before I go to work, and it’s really helpful it being very light like I’m wearing nothing at all.

3. Clindamycin Solution – Clindamycin Solution is actually more of a toner which acts as an antibiotic. Unlike most regimen, this one is applied during the afternoon. It helps me control the oiliness and refresh my face at mid-day, while keeping the bacteria away and preventing my pores to get clogged with dirt.

4. Tretinoin Cream – Tretinoin Cream is applied during bed time. The cream helps your skin produce collagen faster. It also takes out cellular debris like blackheads and whiteheads, leaving your skin softer and clearer.

5. Bleaching Cream – Palabyab’s Bleaching Cream is their number one best seller. The cream helps you lighten out your dark spots and brighten your skin, giving you that beautiful glow. Most customers order this cream and ship them abroad, and some even order in bulk and boxes for future use. It’s a huge help to get rid of those stubborn acne marks and blemishes.

Palabyab Skin ClinicBe beautiful the Palabyab way.


Palabyab Skin Clinic definitely brings out each of their patient’s potentials, giving them the best services and products that they have. After a few days of using the skin care products from the clinic, my face is already much better compared to before — whiter, softer, and definitely clearer. I highly recommend Palabyab Skin Clinic for those who want to make the most out of themselves.

No matter how busy you might be, you can always find comfort and care for your body when in Manila.




Rm. 1814, Medical Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

(02) 633 67 37


Accepts walk-in & appointments



Palabyab Skin Clinic: Unravel Your Skin’s Ultimate Potential


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