Owner Seeks Help in Finding Her Missing Poodle

After yesterday’s post of the lost dog found in EDSA, a private message was sent to the WhenInManila.com team asking for help. This time, it’s an owner who seems to have lost her most loved poodle in Baguio!



According to its owner, Rose Pineda, this poodle goes by the name Paula. Paula is 3 years old and just gave birth last January! Read Rose’s narration of the incident below:

“Paula is 3yrs old, she lives here with me in Sampaloc manila but my boyfriend’s relative borrowed her and went to Baguio for a vacation in their house located in Pacdal just beside the Botanical Garden park, its actually beside the famous silver shop called pilak, the door was left open, so Paula went to down to the driveway and most probably someone took her near botanical garden. Her pictures was posted in all pet shops in Baguio as well as walls, etc. she was lost around noon time last april 26 2015. She is a very sweet dog she loves it when we cuddle her. Funny thing about it is she doesn’t even bark, she only do that when she is being left alone in the house then she’ll see you coming. She doesn’t eat dog food, she loves eating meat, her favorite is chicken, adobo specifically. She takes a bath almost everyday and we treat her like a real human. I’m really worried that the person who found her might not know what she eats, what she likes, etc. She always sleeps beside me and she’s always with me wherever I go. She loves sleeping on my lap most of the time. We badly miss her, it’s been weeks but still hoping that a kind-hearted person will give her back to us. Oh by the way she just gave birth last January”

We’ve shared a handful of stories of missing dogs here on WhenInManila.com. Thankfully, a few of those dogs were reunited with their owners. So please help this dog as well. Paula is surely very scared right now, either living on the streets or with new people who may or may not properly care for her. Let’s give her a better chance of coming back!

For any information, please contact Ms. Rose Pineda at 0922-840-9417 or (02) 422 3686.

We’re crossing our fingers for you Paula!


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