Outback Steakhouse Brings Quality Steaks at a Great Price with New Lunch Specials!

When in Manila, you can now savor the goodness of top-notch steak and ribs any day! Enjoy great value on your next lunch out as Outback Steakhouse introduces their new lunch specials, a selection of some of their best-selling steaks and mouthwatering Aussie-style eats at a more affordable price. Starting from Php 199.00 get yourself a hearty lunch of Outback Steakhouse’s high-quality USDA choice pork chops, beef ribs and steaks, as well as chicken, fish and pasta options available every Monday to Friday from 11am to 3pm. Add Php 95.00 to top off your meal with Outback Steakhouse’s soup of the day and a drink.

Outback Steakhouse Brings Quality Steaks at a Great Price with New Lunch Specials!

We were recently invited to sample Outback Steakhouse’s lunch offerings, and were pleasantly surprised (and stuffed!) with the wide range of dishes they offer to suit whatever lunchtime grub you’re hankering for. Here’s a rundown of some of our lunchtime must-try’s:



Victoria Fillet (Php 599.00)


Outback Steakhouse serves up the best from down under with their best-selling Victoria Fillet, a thick slab of moist and juicy 6 oz. fillet, served with your choice of a freshly prepared side dish. This satisfying piece of meat, best enjoyed medium rare-style to savor its juicy tenderness, definitely did not disappoint!


Teriyaki Beef Medallion (Php 499.00)


Outback Steakhouse’s Teriyaki Beef Medallion is a fun break from your usual smoked steak variety, with that tangy Teriyaki marinate giving Outback Steakhouse’s fire-grilled steak a welcome flavor kick; skewered in with onions, and red and green peppers. Served with seasoned rice and your choice of side, the perfect combo for an intensely flavorful dish.


Chicken Fried Chicken (Only Php 199.00!)

For hardcore fried chicken lovers who just have to have their fill, Outback Steakhouse satisfies your cravings with their Chicken Fried Chicken: tender chicken fillets hand-breaded and fried to a golden crisp, topped with classic white gravy and comes with a hefty serving of mashed potatoes. Crunchy and creamy, this meal definitely hits the spot.


Grilled Fish Marsala (Also at Php 199.00!)


For more options of the light and filling variety, I highly recommend Outback Steakhouse’s Grilled Fish Marsala. Indulge in perfectly grilled fish, lightly seasoned to bring out its best flavors, topped with Outback Steakhouse’s spinach and marsala sauce and served with a freshly made side.

Not only has Outback Steakhouse served up some more affordable lunch meals, they also have an assortment of new and interesting dishes and sides, as well as some well-loved staples that have Check them out after the jump!



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