Our Latest LSS is “Di Umiinom” From Gloc-9’s 25th Anniversary Album

Gloc 9 Hero

Photo / “Di Umiinom” music video

Our Paboritong Makata moves along his lyrical journey with what will be his Pilak album, a musical celebration to mark his 25 illustrious years in the Philippine music industry.

Before August ends, Gloc-9 unveils “Di Umiinom,” the 5th single for this upcoming anniversary album. This time around, he shares the limelight with Hero, a young buck in Asintada Management’s stable of talents.

Sometimes when someone gets badly hurt and reaches their breaking point, they tend to perform deeds that they don’t usually do, or haven’t done before. Perhaps that act is a coping mechanism to escape all the pain and sadness that they feel. That’s how the song “Di Umiinom” was formulated by the veteran rapper.

Watch the music video below:

In this special track, Gloc-9 taps the rising hip-hop star Hero to further elevate the overall vibe with his technical bars and carefully honed rhymes. Their tandem’s verses are captivating, intoxicating, and infused with gloom as they address the sad and painful story with utmost conviction. Truly, the theme of this song is something fresh and something that the one and only Makata Sa Pinas haven’t attempted in the past, a reason he is very much excited for this release. Moreover, Thyro Alfaro once again delivered the goods and provided awesome mixing and arrangement.

This special release comes alongside a vibrant music video directed and edited by Aaron Maagma.

Since Gloc-9 embarked on a US tour for the OPM Summerfest along with other iconic local acts, he was no longer able to film his parts in the Philippines. Because of the sheer dedication to his craft, our Paboritong Makata found a way to deliver his parts for the music video, with special thanks to Mark Escueta, whose band Rivermaya was in the concert series with him. They shot it during the New York leg of the tour using a smartphone. In his own words, “Para-paraan lang talaga.” Hero’s parts were filmed at Tipsy Pig in Quezon City.

This is the third collaboration between Gloc-9 and Hero, with the previous two garnering more than 1.2 million YouTube views. “Di Umiinom” is now streaming on all digital platforms under Universal Records.



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