“Orphan” is Getting a Prequel–and This Actress is Reprising Her Role

SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Go watch Orphan if you haven’t seen it yet.

Remember that creepy movie Orphan with the sweet little 9-year-old-girl who, (SPOILER ALERT) was actually just posing as a sweet young girl but was actually a 33-year-old woman with a rare disease that made her body stay the same for decades? She used this to her advantage, infiltrating families as a sweet adopted young girl where she would eventually attempt to seduce the father and, if she failed, would kill the family and set fire to their homes. It was the wildest plot twist and we all needed to lie down after, both afraid and in awe of Isabelle Fuhrman, the young actress who portrayed Esther. Until now I’m afraid of her, tbh. Seeing her in The Hunger Games made me shiver.


For all of those who fell in love with the cult classic, we have excellent news. 11 years later, they’re making a prequel to the horror movie–yipee! It was originally just titled Esther but they’ve changed it to Orphan: First Kill in order to better reflect the plot. Isabelle Fuhrman, now 23, will reprise her role of the young orphan as she runs away from the Estonion psychiatric facility and to America where she first meets her first foster mother (and by the looks of the title, they become her first kill in a series of them).

We’re curious to know if they’ll be using CGI, SFX, or just plain makeup in order to age the still-young looking Fuhrman as she reprises her role. Or will we get more insight into her past and see just how she transforms? I’ll admit, that transformation sequence in Orphan still gives me chills to this day. The way she pulls at her eyes and the mascara drips down… *shudder*. So creepy. And so effective. We can’t wait for how the prequel will turn out! Fingers crossed!

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