Original Cookie Sticks: The Ultimate Fun Snack For Everyone

Original Cookie Sticks The Ultimate Fun Snack For Everyone00008Cookies and Cream- flavored Cookie Sticks

When was the last time you tried something new?

In this day and age, originality doesn’t come easily anymore.

It seems like every thing that can be thought of, has already been thought of. That’s why when something unheard of comes up, people are quick to accept it and embrace it.

Ever heard of selfie sticks? Who would have thought that something as simplistic yet ingenious as a stick to attach your phone to would blow up faster than you could say, “Cheese”?

cookiesticks00001From left: Cookies and Cream– size Medium , White Chocolate Chip– size Stookies, Brownie– size Mini

Lo and behold, there are still things that we have yet to discover; The Original Cookie Sticks has come to town. If the classic round- shaped cookie doesn’t cut it for you then this might just do the trick!

Cookie Sticks are made for those who love to venture out into the unknown. With this deliciously fun snack, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to dip it in hot chocolate, your favorite vanilla milkshake, or if you’re feeling particularly daring, ice cream!

Original Cookie Sticks The Ultimate Fun Snack For Everyone00009Perfect for going out on a picnic or a road trip with your barkada!

One thing that I like about Cookie Sticks is that their products are labelled accordingly so you wont be caught off guard because you will be fully aware of what you’re eating.
The labels are complete with nutrition facts, ingredients, as well as the manufacturing and best- before dates!

Original Cookie Sticks The Ultimate Fun Snack For Everyone00006

Besides the fact that they’re so fun to munch on (and to be honest, are also quite addicting), Cookie Sticks are also incredibly easy to carry anywhere. There’s also less chance of crumbs falling on the floor and they’re the perfect snack for when you’re in the office or workplace. Aside from that, they can be easily resealed in case you can’t finish them in one sitting (which I doubt). The packaging is also really cute and charming but, I do wish they’d go for more eco-friendly materials.

cookiesticks00002Coco Sugar Oatmeal in size Large

Original Cookie Sticks offers a whole range of flavors that also come in different sizes, so surely there’s one for everyone! They also offer Italian- inspired Grissini sticks which are made to be dipped in your favorite kind of dipping. I got to sample their wonderfully aromatic garlic Grissini which I think would go well with a cheese dip.

Original Cookie Sticks The Ultimate Fun Snack For Everyone00004Garlic- flavored Grissini sticks in a pouch. You can snack on this sesame seeds- sprinkled treat for only 75 pesos.

So whether it’s a party for a dozen or a party by yourself (which is always the best kind), the Original Cookie Sticks is so versatile that their sizes and flavors can accommodate everyone!

For more info on the flavors, sizes and price, visit their website: originalcookiesticks.com


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