This Selfie Stick Will Make You Feel Like You’re Not Forever Alone

Selfie Arm (1) Selfie Arm (2)(Images from: DesignBoom)

Filipinos love to take selfies, which is why two of our cities (Makati and Pasig) share the top spot as the “Selfie Capitals of the World.”

If you love taking selfies but think that a selfie stick (or monopod as some call it) is too mainstream, a new product is getting a buzz on the Internet. This new product will not only make you feel unique but will also make you feel like you’re not forever alone when taking selfies.

Getting viral on the web is this new product called “Selfie Arm.” Basically, it looks like a dismembered arm that you can carry around, attach a smartphone on one end, and use it like a regular selfie stick. You hold the end that appears like a hand, which makes it look like you are always with someone when taking selfies.

Selfie Arm (3)(Image from: DesignBoom)

The Selfie Arm is constructed using fiberglass, which makes it lightweight and portable. Thus, carrying it around seems easy.

At present, there’s only one Selfie Arm in existence. It is used as a part of a commentary on the selfie stick craze by artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe.

The Selfie Arm is not commercially available. At least, not yet.

Will you buy one just in case? What do you think?

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