OPINION: Why this year’s Mega Millennial Ball theme goes beyond ‘Maximum Exposure’

Every June, we celebrate Independence Day. At the same, the annual, ever grand Mega Millennial Ball is held – where it heralds the biggest stars and the mightiest influencers in the country out on the red carpet. MEGA gives us a reason to #CelebratePH – right on the day where we gained our freedom and independence from way back.

With the theme ‘Maximum Exposure’, guests of the ball looked absolutely stunning and head-turners in their own beauty and sparkle. You name it – deep, low cuts in the back (or front), snippets of sheer and tulle, body-hugging creations covered in sequins and intricate beadwork were staples, but other than the coveted and jaw-dropping creations, the Mega Millennial Ball is more than just a night of culminating the stars and influencers of the country that are recognized for their continuous efforts and talents in their respective industries.

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Mega cover girls featuring designer Furne One and the fashion show’s main muse of the night, Vice Ganda

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This is what being a part of a #newPH is about. It’s about changing the game every single time. We celebrate change. We celebrate new ideas. We celebrate innovation. We celebrate discoveries. And with the wonders and extensive access to anything on the world wide web, our learnings and explorations go beyond what we only see in front of us. If I may present so Instagram’s,’Explore’ feature, it does do its work of exploring related accounts (or content) of your interests and the people you follow. That’s one means of utilizing Maximum Exposure.

The success of today’s individuals are rooted from Maximum Exposure – being keen to new concepts, being open-minded to change, stepping out of comfort zones, swimming in rapid waters; the challenges of facing an ever so different game are tested in one’s creativity and strategy. The internet exposure is a vital changer in that, and this year’s #CelebratePH theme and social media campaign has grown immensely through the years. This time around, it has once again gone beyond expectations for our fellow Pinoys and Pinays with its perfect timing in incorporating it into today’s setting and ‘exposure’ game.

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From Xander Angeles’ photobooth

DSCF0353 c e1530503661593

From Shaira Luna’s photobooth

The ‘Maximum Exposure’ theme celebrates a new breed of Filipino notables from different fields of commerce, art, media, sports, entertainment and fashion. Additionally, it also allowed its guests to experience the art and craft of one of the most sought-after fashion photographers in the country through their respective photobooths – Xander Angeles, Dookie Ducay, Mark Nicdao and Shaira Luna. Being out in ‘Maximum Exposure’ does not only allow yourself to be ‘out there’ but also grants the opportunity to experience AND share the gifts of others in their chosen craft. Guests of the ball absolutely enjoyed these attractions.

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The genius behind AMATO Couture and New PH Icon Awardee for Fashion AND first ever winner of MEGA Young Designer’s competition Furne One was able to share his talent in fashion in true maximum exposure fashion – pun intended – where six young actresses graced the cover of MEGA in his designs PLUS wowing the rest of his guests through a fashion show – an edgy touch of the roaring 20’s captivated with lace and frills.

Of course, it does not stop at the Mega Millennial Ball – the awardees of the night have indeed impacted the world with their maximum exposure, and YOU can, too.

Congratulations to all the winners! We can’t wait to see what MEGA will showcase next year!

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