Ooma Adds More Delicious Dishes in their Menu

When The Moment Group opened its first Ooma outpost seven years ago, Filipino diners were introduced to a bold new Japanese taste, creating a formidable selection of direct flame-to-burn dishes called “aburi” and attracting a loyal following of Ooma goers who continue to crave its fiery offerings. Ooma’s mission has always been to bring the heat and challenge known tastes, and this time around it sets out to do so by feeding the Ooma flame — satisfying its diners and their own evolving palates through constant innovation.

Earlier this year, Ooma launched two new small dishes full of clean and exciting tastes. The new Cauli & Nasu Poppers mixes up cauliflower and eggplant tempura pieces which are then tossed in a honey-miso sauce to give the cauliflower a substantial bite and highlight the sweetness of the nasu.

Ooma Cauli and Nasu Poppers

These can be dipped into a curry mayo that adds earthiness and some spice, creating an explosion of flavor. Meanwhile, the new Tuna & Beet Tartare is served cold, and mixes a meaty tuna with slightly crunchy beet slices, played up by citrus and sesame oil flavors. To contrast textures and create an interactive experience, this is served with sweet potato chips which can be used to scoop up the tartare. Both small plates are meant to open up the palate and set you up for a fiery Ooma meal.  These new Ooma starters are available for dine-in or for delivery on momentfood.com, Grab-Food, Pick-A-Roo, and foodpanda.

The new Ooma Gunkans, also a recent addition to the menu, are a fresh and fiery take on the classic “battleship sushi.” This is a bold spin on a classic maki preparation style, creating boat-shaped
sushi bites that come in three flavors: Salmon and Cheese, Chili Crab, and Spicy Scallop. Each Gunkan contains lively ingredients brushed with new Ooma sauces, blow-torched, and held together by a nori belt — bringing you lots of Ooma firepower in a single bite.

The Salmon and Cheese Gunkan delivers bites that are savory, a bit salty, and pleasantly crunchy. It tosses salmon and cucumber in a sesame and scallion dressing, which is then topped off with a blow-torched cheese mixture. The Chili Crab Gunkan is inspired by East-Asian flavors, mixing soft crab meat and crisp asparagus in a spicy rayu oil mayo, blow-torching that, and topping it off with crunchy enoki and szechuan peppercorns. Finally, the Spicy Scallop Gunkan layers scallop and tamago cubes, using two kinds of mayo, and blow-torching everything to create deeper layers of flavor. The new Ooma Gunkans is a dine-in exclusive and are now available at all Ooma outposts.

Finally, making the Ooma experience all the more delicious are these latest additions to the Ooma menu: five new udons and katsus that are bold, satisfying, and exploding with umami.

Ooma Pork Katsu Curry Udon

Ooma’s Spicy Pork Udon is a bowl of chewy-and-silky noodles whose umami comes from its sesame oil and kimchi broth base. It’s got spicy pork strips, eggplant slices, and tempura flakes mixed in for juiciness and crunch, making this a spicy dish you won’t want to miss. The Pork Katsu Curry Udon and sinks udon noodles into a buttery curry broth, and tops it off with a panko-and-nori crusted pork cutlet, while the Salmon Katsu Curry Udon tops it off with a thick salmon cutlet. Both curry udon bowls build on the savoriness of a classic curry by using butter, brown butter mushrooms, tomato paste, and dashi stock, while still keeping it slurpable.

Ooma Salmon Katsu Hot Plate

Made of bold and substantial bites, Ooma’s new Pork Katsu Hot Plate serves up a satisfyingly meaty pork cutlet with fresh cabbage slaw, while the Salmon Katsu Hot Plate features a thicker-than-usual salmon cutlet. Both katsus are breaded in a panko and nori crust for extra flavor and color, and served with a fresh side slaw that comes with a salty and sweet scallion dressing. They can be dipped into two kinds of sauces: a familiar tonkatsu sauce made with mustard and honey, and a tangy lime-basil aioli which adds a little more zing. These hot plates are dishes that can be devoured solo or easily mixed and matched with other fiery favorites on the Ooma menu.