These 5 Stores Hold a Special Pizza Our Hearts

Did you know it’s National Cheese Pizza Day in the US today? Whether it’s a special pizza day or not, though, we believe everyday is a good day for pizza! Of course, it’s highly important to make sure that the pizza you eat tastes hella good; so we’ve compiled some of our favorite pizza stores that can deliver delicious pizza to your home. This way, you can stay safe as you fill your tummies with their cheesy deliciousness.

These 5 Stores Hold a Special Pizza Our Hearts

5. Pizzarito (@jaydes_pizzarito)

Photo from Pizzarito

Pizzarito started in 2017. This home-based small business serves homemade pizza, quesadillas, and taconitos that make use of only the freshest ingredients. They believe that fresh pizza is one of life’s greatest pleasure, so they recommend eating their pizza right away while the crust is still warm and crispy. However, you can also reheat it in the microwave by placing a small bowl with water. Their quesadillas can be reheated on a flat skillet or non-stick pan.

Pizzarito offers both red and white sauce, depending on your preference, as well as beef, fish, vegetables, and pork for the toppings. They use a lot of spices for the ultimate flavorful experience, too! They also make it a point to try and create new flavors every month, so you can look forward to taste new combinations every once in a while.

4. Tum Tum PH (@tumtumph)

Photo from Tum Tum PH

Tum Tum PH came about when the pandemic started and they had to think of a way to support their financial needs. After a lot of brainstorming and prayers, Tum Tum PH was born. This family business decided to sell pizza rolls because they did not see a lot of competition in this regard during quarantine. Plus, pizza delivery was a hit for the three of them during the lockdown.

“Not to brag, but our clients have loved our pizza rolls since day one,” they share. And this really isn’t surprising. Their excellent ingredients coupled with a touch of clean and loving preparation will ensure that your mind is at ease as you munch on their conveniently sized pizza rolls. They make for perfect snacks, especially now that children are getting used to online learning from home. They even have a Tum Tum PH Virtual Loyalty Card. Just check out their Facebook page above for more details.

3. Nostimo (@nostimopizza)

Photo from Nostimo

Nostimo is the Greek word for ‘delicious’, and it perfectly describes what chef/restaurateur/food and beverage consultant Nick Mangubat has to offer. Nostimo started as a way to burn extra time during the pandemic because their restaurants coldn’t operate and Nick didn’t have any gigs. Since pizza is his favorite food to eat… Lots of time + a love for pizza = Nostimo!

Nostimo’s menu caters to both the purists and the rebels out there. They have Italian staples like the Margherita and Quattro Formaggi. For New Yorkers, there are the Classic Pepperoni and All-Meat Pizzas. And for the rebels, there’s the Hawaiian pizza. Their signature flavor is Classic Greek.

“There is a difference between pizza made commercially and pizza made with passion,” Nick stresses. “My pizza is unique because it is one of the cheapest brick oven pizzas in the market made with 100% Italian pizza flour. Basically, it’s Greek style pizza made with Italian ingredients.” Try it out today!

2. Union Square Pizza Co (@unionsquarepizzaco)

Photo from Union Square Pizza Co

A culinary adventure in the US which ended in New York City back in 2018 sparked the idea for the group of Union Square Pizza Co. to come up with its own take on the famous NY Pizza. When the pandemic hit the Metro, Moonshine P.U.B. created a cloud kitchen in which Union Square Pizza Co. was formed, serving a quality takeout menu Filipinos can enjoy at the comforts of their home.

I love how Union Square Pizza Co. only focuses on three flavors so I don’t need to stress out about having too many options to choose from. They chose their flavors based on what best represents NY Pizza, namely: Spicy Pepperoni, NY Cheese, and their signature Artichoke Pizza. “At the end of the day, it’s all about being able to enjoy food,” they explain. “When you take on a famous dish of a particular place, it should be able to respectfully pay homage to it.” Union Square Pizza Co. definitely makes that its motivation everyday.

1. DoughSage (@doughsagephil)

Doughsage’s assortment of pizzas is worth having stocked up inside your freezer as lazy weeknight snacks or after-work comfort food. It’s individual-sized and quick to cook. Just pop it in the toaster or the oven until the cheese is melted and the crust has browned. These will last you a week in the chiller and up to a month in the freezer. Try their Four Cheese Pizza, Pesto Pizza, and Pizza Margherita!

What’s your go-to store for pizza deliveries at the moment?

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