16 Online Coaches You Can Learn New (and Helpful) Skills From

Whether you’re hoping to become more productive during the pandemic or simply want to improve certain aspects of your life, in general, we’ve found some amazing coaches you can learn helpful skills from without having to leave your homes. All of the coaches in this article teach different skills online – just take your pick to see which coach would suit your needs best.

16 Online Coaches You Can Learn New (and Helpful) Skills From

16. Lesley George (@dc_bullet)

Teaches: Life Skills and Self Discovery

Lesley George
Lesley Anne D. George is a life skills and self-discovery coach. Thanks to iHelp, she became certified as a life coach during the pandemic –  atime where people need someone to talk to, who can understand or listen to them. This is actually what motivated Lesley to practice it. She got certified last February and hasn’t stopped since. “After thinking about the people waiting and wanting someone to talk to, I realized that it’s my job to listen and coach them,” she shares. “It’s a very different feeling when you hear the “Aha!” moment and they thank you for listening and guiding them get through this pandemic.”

15. Angelo “Boost Gio” Bañaga, C.L.C , 27 (@coachboostgio)

Teaches: Personal Finance

Boost Gio

Angelo “Boost Gio” Bañaga has been practicing and teaching personal finance and marketing since 2015. Gio was inspired to teach these skills after he and his brother got scammed back in 2014. “I think these skills will help during the pandemic because a lot of people need to learn the importance of having health insurance and emergency funds. I also believe that coaching people to market their product and service will help them to have more sales and profits in their business.”

14. Juan Carlos Garcia, 39 (@jcgarciavo, @mistervoiceover_jc)

Teaches: Communication

Juan Carlos Garcia

Juan Carlos Garcia has been working in the BPO industry since 2002, where he learned how to talk to people of different nationalities. He has been teaching the art of communication since 2005 and has even used it as a public speaker and voice artist. Along with great trainers and voice artists of The Microphone Club, they have trained artists who are now making waves in the industry since 2015.

“Speaking is a gift,” he exclaims. “I learned an important lesson about blessings: that sharing it is a form of caring. In 2017, I learned that people have the purpose of serving others through their passions by giving Time, Talent, or Treasures and I live by that from then on that way. Speaking is also the most effective way to quickly let others know about news and information when done correctly.” Because of this, he has opened his doors to help more people in using their powers of communication in job interviews, gaining exposure and connections, and even using writing skills.

13. Kassy Pajarillo-Braganza (@kassypajarillo)

Teaches: Business Skills

Kassy Pajarillo Braganza

Kassy Pajarillo-Braganza helps driven and ambitious female entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, private practitioners, service-driven entrepreneurs) become their own CEOs and have six-figure outcomes for their seven-figure businesses through social media. “It has always been my mission to help Filipinos see what’s possible for them and that they can be whatever they would want to be come by leveraging on their experiences and skillsets,” she shares. Kassy has been in the space since 2018, operating her own startup in partnership with co-working spaces – The After Six Club, the progressive and transformative events learning company.

12. Rey Celesio Subingsubing, 35 (@rcs_reyrey, @equip.ph2020)

Teaches: Various Personal and Professional Development Skills

Rey Celesio

Rey Celesio has been an OD professional for almost 15 years now, mentoring and coaching HR and OD aspirants as well as individuals with personal and professional development skills, including communication, performance management, coaching and mentoring, self-confidence, work ethics, stress management, personality awareness, and leadership.

Rey considers himself as a people developer with high regard for personal and professional improvement. “What inspired me are my own experiences and the learnings I got from the sessions I conducted,” he shares. “This pandemic presented completely unprecedented life-changing circumstances. Some do not know what to do or how to navigate the completely unfamiliar new normal. I’m triggered by this need to equip individuals with the right coping skills, to know what would truly matter to keep oneself afloat, safe, and sane during these trying times. An hour of engaging people online, for example, may save them from getting too stressed during this pandemic.”

11. Myke Celis, 39 (@my_bestmeever)

Teaches: Self Empowerment

Myke Celis

Myke Celis has been a professional coach for more than three years now. As a Global Master Coach, he coaches people to become self-empowered as they live authentically and unapologetically with the right mindset and heart-set, help them overcome limiting beliefs confidently while managing stress and anxiety as they stay mentally fit, gain clarity and direction towards pursuing and achieving their greatest goals as they journey towards their own #bestmeever.

Myke himself is a product of coaching and he knows the value of taking care of one’s mental health and overall well-being. “While the pandemic has seemingly put the entire world to a sudden stop, being coached professionally will enable one to remain mentally fit and equipped to thrive in even the most challenging situations,” he says. “Coaching allows people to recalibrate and re-start all over again with the greatest of ease as they become the person they’re meant to be.”

10. Rizza Lana, 30 (@rizzalana)

Teaches: Self Confidence, Business, Success, and Productivity

Rizza Lana Camp Confidence

Rizza Lana currently has a podcast called Camp Confidence Radio with her co-host Ayn Bernos where they share business, self-confidence, success, and productivity tips. “These are life lessons anyone can use to try and figure out life, business, and self-love,” she shares. She also has a YouTube channel (Rizza Lana) where she talks about business, her imperfect zero-waste life, and skincare.

9. Jason Cruz, 32

Teaches: Marketing and Work-Life Experiences


Jason Cruz Profile

Jason Cruz has been teaching marketing professionally since 2013. He currently teaches at the Certified Digital Marketer Program (CDMP) where he is also the Track Chair for the Social Media Marketing module. Marketing aside, Jason also shares various work-life experiences – everything from leadership at work to social skills and practical skills that people his age could know more of.

Jason shares that he teaches marketing as a way for him to give back to the industry that has taken care of him over the last nine years or so. “I figured – if I can help level up the marketing game of businesses, agencies, and individuals, then that’s better for everyone,” he says. “I also really like teaching and it gives me plenty of fulfillment to see students and clients succeed. As far as how this helps during the pandemic, some of my sessions together with the DTI and the TBP have helped businesses bounce back from the doom-and-gloom of 2020.

As for the work-life experiences, this was Jason’s quarantine project. Since he gives lots of talks in schools and universities, he is often asked for tips on work-life topics. “I didn’t think I could learn skills like video editing or speaking in front of a camera; but so far, the feedback has been encouraging,” he raves. “Quite a few subscribers have informed me that they find the videos inspiring and helpful so I am definitely going to continue making content.”

8. Sheena Vera Cruz (@sheenaveracruz)

Teaches: Performance and Personal Development

Sheena Vera Cruz

Sheena Vera Cruz is a performance and personal development coach, helping women rediscover their passions and reinvent themselves so they can reach their goals. It is no secret that the pandemic has caused a lot of personal challenges and shifting of priorities. If you ever feel disconnected or trapped, Sheena can provide a support system and help you find ways to cope with the current situation and hope for a brighter future. “Having a regular check-in and using this pandemic as a time to reset and improve your life could be life-changing,” she points out.

7. Karen Ann Navarro, 41 (@onlinehealingcommunity)

Teaches: Personal Growth and Healing

Karen Navarro

Karen Ann Navarro is the Founder of Online Healing Community, a school for personal growth and healing. She has been teaching meditation for 9 years now, and she has gone to India annually for 12 years now to deepen her meditation practice. Karen facilitates programs and retreats on self-love, stress management, rewiring your anxious mind, meditation, and other self-development programs for schools, organizations, and companies.

Karen started the Online Healing Community as an initiative to help people stay calm and spread calm during this time. After feeling the heaviness in the air last March 15, 2020, Karen and her friend immediately organized an online healing marathon where they invited experts in mental health, healers, yoga, and meditation to give a class or workshop for an hour. Since then, they’ve organized festivals, classes, workshops, collective meditation, and interviews with doctors, healers, and experts in mental health to serve the community. To this day, Online Healing Community helps the community learn and sustain at least one self-care practice to help them build their resilience during these trying times. Find out more on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OnlineHealingCommunity

6. Jo Sebastian, 23 (@itsjosebastian)

Teaches: Nutrition

Jo Sebastian

Jo Sebastian is a registered nutritionist-dietitian who works with individuals who are trying to improve their diet, nutrition,  and health. “My main goal is to help others understand nutrition and their bodies better,”she explains. “Usually, I work with individuals who struggle with body image, disordered eating habits, and long-term dieting.”

Food is a big part of life that can get very confusing with the information overload on the Internet. Jo herself has gone through multiple diets and restrictions that have affected her mentally and physically, so she knows what she is talking about. “We live in a world that values weight loss over health (these are not always the same thing) and it can lead to disordered eating habits, anxiety around food, and yoyo-dieting,” she points out. “Learning to work with your body vs against your body can be very helpful in dealing with emotional eating, body dysmorphia, and isolation not only in quarantine but for the rest of our lives.”

5. Kathi Rañeses, 35 (@coachinghappiness.ph)

Teaches: Positive Psychology

Kathi Raneses 2

Kathi Rañeses has been facilitating and coaching for the past three years now. “I always tell people how a life coach saved my life,” she shares. “When I was in my teens, I was clinically depressed and had basically given up on life – having already tried to take my life once and still nursing suicidal ideations – and it was a life coach that sat me down and helped me take back control of my narrative, which eventually got me into discovering positive psychology and emotional literacy. I think these skills would help anyone this pandemic cope, find the silver lining, learning optimism, and take steps towards thriving.”

4. Kimmy Chua, 25 (@momenttomomentph)

Teaches: Day-to-Day Mindfulness, Stress Management, Laughter Wellness, and Abundance Mindset

Kimmy Chua

Kimmy Chua helps individuals and teams attract abundance by relieving physical, mental, and financial stress through practical and repeatable techniques. She has been doing this for two years now. “I’ve had my own experiences of burnout,” she shares. “From those overwhelming moments, I have seen the value of taking a pause, reevaluating, and practicing compassion towards ourselves. I’ve also found inspiration from children – seeing how they are naturally curious, loving, and enthusiastic.”

During these challenging times, Kimmy hopes that we feel empowered to keep our immune systems strong by being mindful of what we spend our energy on. This is supplemented by the practice of laughter, deep breathing, expressive arts, and mindful movement. It all boils down to noticing when to take a mini step back and remembering what matters most for that moment.

3. Anna Varona

Teaches: Eco-Friendliness

Anna Varona teaches how to sort plastics by type, the importance of the marine ecosystem, and the perils of plastic pollution. She is a technical diver and went on exploration all over the Philippines, visiting coastal communities. As beautiful as the islands are, however, garbage can be seen on the shoreline. “Wading through the garbage, you can tell that most of it is plastic or wrapped in plastic,” she shares. “As a diver, while I’m underwater, I see how it’s killing marine life – and it’s something every human being should be concerned about.” We totally agree!

2. Robert Rubin, 38 (@robrubinreadings / @mysteriumphilippines)

Teaches: Tarot, Intuitive Development and Manifestation

Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin is well-versed in the skills that he teaches, having taught tarot for 21 years, intuitive development for 13 years, and manifestation for 5 years now. These practices have always been close to Rob’s heart. “I’ve been practicing tarot since I was 14 and I started teaching to people I was close to a few years later,” he shares. “These kinds of practices allow a person a certain level of self-discovery and connection to like minds which most of society was deprived of especially during the times of ECQ.”

A lot of people were looking for avenues to develop themselves and connect to others when the pandemic started. Because of this, Rob maximized this time to offer the distance learning programs of Mysterium Philippines, including Intro to Tarot, Intuitive Awakenings, and the Manifestation Master Class, which can train people to focus their energies, thought patterns, and God-given talents to manifest whatever their heart desires through an exclusive 1-on-1 mentoring course for 7 weeks.

At the end of the day, the main inspiration behind these distance learning programs was to connect people and bring people together to give them a renewed sense of hope and sense of community – and this is what Mysterium Philippines is all about. “Like I said several times in the past and on my shows Tarot Thursdays (free tarot readings every Thursday Nights on my fan page), the only way we’re going to get through these difficult times is together,” Rob adds.

1. Jungie Gumiran, 27

Teaches: Digital Marketing


Jungie IMG

Jungie Gumiran is a young agency owner, entrepreneur, and coach who helps digital marketers and local entrepreneurs grow their businesses online. He helps by teaching how to create successful and highly profitable Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns… even if they haven’t created a single ad before! “By learning Facebook Ads, you can become an important asset to achieving the goal of ANY business. It can be for your client or your own business. In the new normal, I believe, this is one of the MOST important skills to help, grow and scale a business.”

Equipping many freelance digital marketers with this skill will allow them to help businesses anywhere in the world be profitable despite the pandemic, and be able to confidently charge premium fees for the results they provide. Learning this skill will also allow entrepreneurs, online sellers, agents, financial advisors, and other service-based businesses to get more sales, clients, and bookings from the comfort of their homes.

Facebook Ads is much more than pressing buttons on Facebook, and Jungie believes that anyone who is willing to learn and commit can grow from a complete beginner to a Facebook Ads Specialist who can help ANY businesses. You can attend his monthly free webinar in this Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/adsmasterclassbyadslevelup/

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