Onda Valkeyrie V712: Budget tablet for those on the go

WhenInManila, tablets are going hot off the shelves and have been a common gadget nowadays to have for those who love to check their social media pages, chat, browse the web, take photos, and even those who just love to play games. Tablets are becoming a minor replacement to computers and laptops, due to the fact that they are easily much more portable and have a much more simpler interface and use. A lot of new tablets and new brands are coming up with their own versions that it’s starting to be a little difficult to choose which brand and model to acquire. I myself contemplated in picking up a tablet for myself. Putting that aside, I got my hands on the Onda Valkeyrie V712.

Onda Android Tablet

The Onda Valkeyrie V712 is one of those new tablets coming out in the market with very very competitive pricing. I have noticed brands such as Starmobile and Ainol, Ainol being the same brand carried by the company that is backing Onda, bringing tablets to the market with incredibly competitive pricing that is sure to attract those on a limited budget. For those who dont intend to need much power for their tablet needs, this one may be the one for you.


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