On a Diet? These Yummy Mushroom Snacks Will Help You Stay Healthy!

Words by Kelly Punzalan

Photos by Kaye Bernal

Motivating yourself to go to the gym and work out is pretty challenging already but eating clean? That’s 10 times harder. I’m always snacking on something because I get hungry almost every three to four hours, and eating out with friends or family is something that I really enjoy. I can’t help it, I just love food way too much.

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Transitioning to more nutritious snacks isn’t easy considering my favorite foods are burgers, fried chicken, and anything with cheese on it. Luckily, I discovered these mushroom-based snacks that help satisfy my cravings and at the same time, help me stay on the healthier side. Introducing, Krispy Mushroom from MushBetter Foods.

MushBetter Foods offers snacks made from fresh oyster mushrooms, which have numerous health benefits including high fiber and protein levels, weight management, boosting of the immune system, and improvement of digestion.

They have a selection of five delicious flavors: Original, Cheese, Chili BBQ, Sour Cream, and Chili Salted Egg. These mushroom chips are super crispy and savory, so you don’t even feel like you’re eating diet-friendly food. They’re the perfect alternative to chichirya! Any time you feel like munching on some potato chips, you can grab one of these instead.

They’re pretty addicting too, so try your best not to finish it all in one sitting! (I almost did, oops).

You can finally snack in peace without feeling guilty about breaking your diet.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?




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